Bosc Pears: over-purchased by wholesaler and they needed to find a safe, happy home. We obviously raised our hands on your behalf :)
Canary Melons: scarred exterior but oh-so-beautiful
Clementines: off-colored
Blackberries: surplus
Cabernet Tomatoes: surplus
Campari Tomatoes: surplus
Golden Delicious Apples: misshapen / surplus
Green Peppers: some of the packaging was bumped by a forklift or some other vehicle and it broke some of the cases that the produce was packed into. So the original retail outlet rejected the entire batch. Nothing wrong with the produce, it's just another day in this crazy world.
Broccoli: over-purchased by wholesaler
Butter Lettuce: surplus
Organic Butter Lettuce: surplus
Romaine Lettuce: over-purchased by wholesaler
Kiwi: handful of cases exterior were damaged (see the above peppers story!)
Mangoes: handful of cases exterior were damaged
Navel Oranges: handful of cases exterior were damaged
Organic Green Peppers: handful of cases exterior were damaged
Pineapples: over-purchased by wholesaler
Red Onions: surplus
Yellow Potatoes: off colored / scarred skin
Yellow Squash: scarred skin