We've got some answers! :)

Acorn Squash: scarred outer skin
Bi-Color Corn: surplus
Butternut Squash: surplus with some scarring on the skin
Cameo Apples: misshapen
Cauliflower : surplus; some of them are the size of basketballs and still have leaves on them!
Organic Mint: over produced
Mini San Marzano Tomatoes: surplus
Organic Spring Mix: surplus
Organic Broccoli : surplus
Granny Smith Apples: slight discolored skin with some brown spots
Honey Dew: slightly scarred
Organic Sweet and Spicy Greens Mix: surplus with no home!
White Seedless Grapes: surplus
Lemons: ugly and discolored skin (some skins are brown, but they are perfectly fine!)
Organic Carrots: misshapen
Organic Cucumbers : slightly curved and scarred
Organic Eggplant: misshapen
Organic Lady Apples: lots of them are super tiny (like golfballs!) and scarred
Organic Orangetti Squash: slightly scarred skin
Organic Persimmons: off-colored and scarred skin, but they taste amazing!
Organic Tomatoes : misshapen
Organic Zucchini : off sized with minor scarring
Papaya: discoloration (they aren't quite ripe yet, but they should be in a few days!)
Red Cabbage: undersized heads
Sweet Potatoes: rejected from the grocery store because of "discoloration"; some of them are also really large!
Tangerines: ugly and scarred skin (some skins are brown, but they are perfectly fine!)