Let's try something new this week. Type your reaction to these stories in the comments below!

Ataulfo Mangos: Scarring; most are ripe and ready to eat.  
Avocados: Undersized and some avocados are not yet ripe! (give ‘em a few days!)
Black Krim Tomatoes: Grower couldn’t find a buyer! (ripe and ready to eat!)
Blackberries: Surplus
Eggplant: A truckload was rejected for transporting the product at 40 degrees, not 38 (some is scarred but it perfectly lovable)
Jumbo Carrots: Misshapen and many are HUGEEEEEE
Navel Oranges: Scarring. Some have brown spots on them but they are totally safe to eat once they’re ripe
Onions: Discolored (color varies from brown to yellow)
Organic Acorn Squash: some are scarred
Organic Butternut Squash: Scarred, some brown spotting
Organic Green Peppers: Misshapen and some are off-colored (some peppers even have shades of red and orange)
Organic Kale: The stems are “too delicate for supermarkets’ packaging”
Organic Kiwi: Surplus. Most are hard. Give ‘em a few days to ripen and they’ll be oh-so-tender, just like our hearts
Organic Persimmon: Discolored and some spotting on the skins!
Organic Purple Sweet Potato: Surplus (and they are actually purple!)
Organic Purple Top Turnip: Surplus and undersized. They’re gorgeous with their purple and white color!
Organic Tomatoes: Misshapen
Organic Yellow Squash: Misshapen
Personal Watermelons: Surplus and these cute lil guys couldn’t find a buyer or a belly!
Pipian Squash: Surplus
Mandarin Tangerines: Discolored. Some are very soft, which means they are ripe and juicy.
Savoy Cabbage: Couldn’t find a buyer. There’s some yellowing on some of the exterior leaves (you can peel those off and enjoy the majority of the cabbage :)
Winesap Apples: Misshapen; crisp and semi-sweet