Can you believe some of these rejected reasons? They are real. All too real.

Beets: Surplus, most of 'em are pretty darn large in size
Broccoli: Surplus, some are crowns, some have stems
Brussels Sprouts: they couldn't find a home :(
Butternut Squash: misshapen
Cabernet Tomatoes: surplus and ready to eat ASAP! 
Grapefruit: discolored, green and yellow in color but holy-moly-they-are-delish
Idared Apples: too big and too special
Lemons: oversized, some of them are the biggest lemons we've ever seen
Mango: Slight scarring. most of 'em are ready to eat ASAP!
Navel Oranges: truck rejected due to damaged cases. Some are a lil' soft and ready to eat ASAP!
Organic Blueberries: over-purchased by the original buyer
Organic Bok Choy: surplus, super beautiful (just like you!) and local
Organic Broccoli: surplus
Organic Bunched Radish: surplus, and look super cool
Organic Cabbage: Off-sized (volleyball sized, can you DIG 'em? that's a volleyball joke...we try, we try)
Organic Collard Greens: surplus, beautiful and local
Organic Eggplant: misshapen and scarred
Organic Lime Green Peppers: never developed into the "normal" dark green color (by the way, what DOES "normal" mean anyway? we're not being existential, we're just curious)
Organic Orangetti Squash: scarred
Organic Pineapple: surplus, most will need a couple days to ripen (we know you can't WAIT to eat 'em but please be patient)
Organic Rainbow Carrots: surplus
Organic Red Potatoes: scarred, golfball sized
Organic Red Romaine Lettuce: couldn't find a buyer! (which is super sad, because they're beautiful and local)
Organic Tomatoes: misshapen lighter in color (orange and yellow tinted!)
Personal Watermelon: no demand for these cutie-patooties, duckpin bowling ball sized
Russet Potatoes: scarred skin
Savoy Cabbage: no demand from other buyers :(
Spring Mix / Green Oak Lettuce: surplus, beautiful and local
Starfruit: surplus
Sweet Potatoes: misshapen
White Onion: overproduced