We're wondering the same thing! We've got some answers for ya.

Acorn Squash: originally rejected for being undersized (we got ‘em for ya because they’re SO cute)
Ataulfo Mango: surplus
Avocados: undersized and scarred skins (every scar tells a story)
Lacinto Kale: surplus
Butternut Squash: scarred and misshapen; some are super small, some are super big, but all of them are juuuuuuust right
Cantaloupe: scarred exterior
Mini Beefsteak Tomatoes: surplus
Organic Mini Sweet Peppers: surplus
Clementines: off-colored; green exterior (but they are ready to eat, and they’re perfectly sweet!)
Grapefruit: Small size, some scarring
head of Living Butter Lettuce: surplus.
head of Red Leaf / Red Romaine Lettuce: surplus
head of Red Romaine Lettuce: surplus at the farm
Mini Sweet Peppers: surplus at the farm
Nittany Apples: misshapen
Acorn Squash: undersized, overly cute
Yellow Peppers: misshapen
Pineapple: surplus
Red Potatoes: scarred skins (it makes even better baked potatoes)  
Spaghetti Squash: scarred and some have wonky colors
White Grapes: some grapes have amber coloring (we heard it makes the grapes sweeter, seriously!)
Yellow Peppers: misshapen
Zucchini: surplus, scarred, off-sized


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