We're wondering the same thing! 

Avocados: Undersized, overly cute; some will need a few days to ripen!
Bartlett Pears: Over-purchased by original buyer
Broccoli: Over-purchased by original buyer, most are very large in size!
bunch of Organic Arugula: Surplus
bunch of Organic Spring Mix: Surplus
Cherry Tomatoes: Surplus
Clementines: Discolored (some have green exteriors but they are ready to eat ASAP! Very soft to touch, and super juicy!
Collard Greens: Original customer cancelled their order! CRAZY. 
Jumbo Carrots: Oversized, most are close to a half pound in size!!
Mangoes: Scarred and some have brown spotted skin!
Oranges: Scarred skin and/or undersized. Most are ready to eat, but some need a day or two to ripen :)
Organic Bok Choy: Surplus
Organic Butter Lettuce: Surplus
Organic Green Kiwis: Surplus; Most likely your kiwis will need a few days to ripen!
Organic Purple Carrots: Surplus, undersized. Some of dirt on them so definitely wash 'em good!
Persimmon: Over-purchased
Red Radishes: No demand by any buyers :(
Russet Potatoes: Scarred
Snow Peas: Over-purchased
White Onions: Dirty exterior (but they have clean hearts and they're ready to love you back!)
York Apples: Funkily shaped!