March 25, 2016


Our Hungry Harvest Heroes are saving up to $32 this week. And, with free delivery and our mission to help fight food waste and hunger, what more could you ask for?


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A post-engagement interview with Robert Herjavec

March 12, 2016

Photo courtesy: The Eonline

Photo courtesy: The Eonline

In case you missed it, our Shark Tank partner, Robert Herjavec, recently got engaged to his Dancing with the Stars partner Kym Johnson. We caught up with him to see how it went!

1.      First of all, congrats on the engagement!  The Hungry Harvest family is very happy for you. What did you do for the proposal?

RH: Thank you! It’s an exciting time and I’m a very lucky man. I surprised Kym by taking her for a tour of our new place and having the roof top set up with roses and candles. Then when we returned home that night I had 20 of our closest family and friends surprise her and continue the celebration. It was a really magical night.

2.      What stood out about Hungry Harvest so that you felt compelled to make a deal with me on the show?

RH: It was a combination of things. I firmly believe you have to have a greater purpose in life and I love the mission this team is on. Donating to a family in need every time Hungry Harvest delivers is an incredible way to give back. In the Tank I was impressed with you guys and how you knew your numbers, showed passion for the business and had a plan for growth. It’s as simple as that.


3.      What, in your eyes, is the future potential of Hungry Harvest? How big do you think this can grow?

RH: That’s up to you! Hungry Harvest’s model is extremely scalable and we’ve already seen new cities come on board since you aired in the Tank this season. Trends towards healthy, convenient food delivery are only increasing across North America and with a noble mission of recovering harvests and offering organic and all fruit options, Hungry Harvest has untapped potential to expand.


4.      Can you give me, as the CEO of Hungry Harvest, one piece of advice to stick to while growing this company?

RH: Think big. And then when you second guess yourself – think bigger. Yes you have to do the little things to make sure you execute flawlessly but you also have to open yourself up to the potential of this company and realize that it’s in your hands to achieve greatness. I always say it’s up to you to seize the opportunity. I used to think too small and almost be afraid to want the level of success I thought was possible for my business. Don’t make that mistake.

A Chef Hungry for Change

February 21, 2016

Inspiring & Passionate Chef, Chef Mark Cleveland, joins Hungry Harvest to change the way we look at and eat food.  

There is a reason at Hungry Harvest we refer to our customers as heroes and consider them part of the family. Not only do our harvest heroes enable us to save thousands of pounds of deliciously ugly produce and feed the hungry every week, but they live and breathe our mission: no veggie left behind. It’s often not easy to open up a box of 7 different pieces of produce, some foreign, some unfamiliar, some ugly, and begin to plan meals for the week. I’ve challenged myself to do just this the past several weeks and I’ll be honest, it’s no easy task. I’m no chef. Nor do I pride myself on any culinary talents. And sautéing a vegetable medley has lost its luster.

How do we improve your culinary experience? For the past several months, the Hungry Harvest team has been searching for a way to help our Hungry Harvest family get the most out of their weekly/bi-weekly veggies. We’ve luckily had the part-time help of Chef Barry from Innovative Gourmet and worked on veggie education in our newsletters, but we’ve always felt we could do more. People want more guidance with their harvest box. Recipes tailored specifically to what you receive in your harvest, utilizing each ingredient. Not only that, but a recipe community that supports each other in our efforts to live more fulfilling and healthier lives.

Chef Mark Cleveland joins Hungry Harvest. After searching for several months, we were blessed to find Chef Mark. With more than a decade of experience in healthy cooking, he blends his philosophy of creating dishes that are not only good for the soul & body, but absolutely delicious as well. He will be working hard along with our team to a) craft recipes specifically designed to utilize all the veggies in your box, b) incorporate a philosophy of delicious and healthy, c) help us with harvest composition and provide tips on preventing waste/spoilage.

The Hungry Harvest Iron Chef Competition. The HH “Secret” Recipe Community. Live Cooking Shows w/Chef Mark. And more surprises to look out for. These are just some of the things we are planning to not only help you make the most out of every delicious fruit and vegetable in your harvest, but to build our community. Our vision is much more than a group of individuals eating ugly fruits and veggies. We may be nutritionists, doctors, clowns, artists, or consultants, but all our lifestyles and beliefs are intertwined simply by the choice to receive a weekly delivery of fruits and vegetables and creatively fit these earthly creations into our lives.

We only hope that your passion for produce grows and we are so excited for what is ahead.  

Mark L., CSO.


The Shark Tank Effect: 1 Month Later

February 8, 2016

My entire life, I’ve wanted to become a successful social entrepreneur. I didn’t just want to start a business that made money, but also one that made impact. That dream began when I co-founded Hungry Harvest in May 2014.

Exactly a month ago today, this dream was showcased in front of 8 million people across the county on Shark Tank. In case you were wondering what kind of effect Shark Tank has on a business, here are some amazing statistics.


Major Cities we served before Shark Tank:

Washington, Baltimore

Major Cities after Shark Tank:

Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, with plans to expand to New York City, Pittsburgh, and Richmond in 2016.

Web Traffic:

Daily unique visitors pre-Shark Tank: 150

Daily unique visitors post-Shark Tank: 3,000

Unique visitors in the past month: 200,000


Before Shark Tank: 9,000 emails received per month

Jan 8 - Feb 8: 39,000 emails

My personal email box: 3,000 in the past month


15 Press pieces leading up to Shark Tank, including:




The Baltimore Sun

38 Press pieces after Shark Tank, including:

New York Magazine

Business Insider

Yahoo Finance

Washington Post

Social Media:

Facebook Fans:

Before Shark Tank: 2,700

After Shark Tank: 8,500

Instagram Followers:

Before Shark Tank: 800

After Shark Tank: 1,800

Twitter Followers:

Before Shark Tank: 1,177

After Shark Tank: 2,033

Facebook impressions in the past month: 525,000

Facebook engagement in the past month: 20,000

My phone Home Screen immediately after the show:


Here's how much produce we'll recover and donate because of Shark Tank.

Jan 13, 2016


First of all, I would just like to thank everyone for the love and support from every corner of the country. Your kind words and messages inspire us to relentlessly pursue our dream of a hunger-free and waste-free US. 

As many of you know, we exist to reduce food waste and feed hungry families. 

Our model to accomplish this mission is a produce delivery service to weekly subscribers. 

The more subscribers we have, the more food waste we prevent, and the more hungry families we can feed. 

Since Shark Tank aired, we have had over 1,000 people sign up for our services nationwide in just 5 days. 

Let's do some math. Each delivery, on average, reduces 10 pounds of produce from going to waste, and we donate 1.5 pounds of produce to the needy, per week. Multiply that by 1,000 - and we'll recover 10,000 pounds and donate 1,500 pounds of produce per week.

That's 43,000 pounds recovered and 6,450 pounds donated per month. 

That's 520,000 pounds recovered and 78,000 pounds donated per year. 

That's in just 5 days. And the signups keep coming in.

Sign up today to get an awesome box of produce delivered to your door. We currently deliver to the MD, DC, and Northern Virginia areas. Philadelphia will begin in a few weeks and NYC in 2-3 months.

Let's make a dent in the 6 billion pounds of fresh produce that gets tossed every year in the US. Help us feed the 50 million Americans that are food insecure.

Let's end food waste and hunger together.

Here's what happened to our website during Shark Tank

An open Letter to Shark Tank

January 8, 2016

Dear Shark Tank,

You have made my dreams come true.

The company I’m proud to lead, Hungry Harvest, was on your show last night.

My entire life, I’ve wanted to become a social entrepreneur. I’ve always wanted to start a business that not only helped people, but gave back to the community. My parents have always taught me that giving is infinitely more powerful than receiving.

You have allowed me to show the vision I have – where there’s no food waste or hunger - to the whole nation. I could not be more grateful for everything you have done for the Hungry Harvest team.

It’s been a journey. We’ve spent sleepless nights sweating, stressing, and exhausting over every single detail of our business in preparation for the airing of the show. We’ve sacrificed meals, relationships, hygiene, sleep, and health because we believe in this concept and our mission of reducing food waste and feeding hungry families.

Shark Tank, you inspire millions every week. You empower individuals to pursue their dreams. You prove that the American dream is very much alive.

I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for giving me and the business I’m proud to work for a chance. You gave us the opportunity to stand in front of 5 celebrities, while 8 million more are watching, and try to convince them to invest in Hungry Harvest.

Shark Tank, you’re not just a reality television show. You are a vehicle to realize people’s dreams. You’ve changed my life forever.


Evan Lutz

CEO & Co-founder

Hungry Harvest

Blog Post - Switch from bags to boxes

January 7, 2016

­Dear Harvest Heroes,

You may be wondering why your produce is in a box with a random label. Well, we thought recovered/organic produce with purpose would go well with a recovered box with a purpose.

Currently, corrugated boxes comprise over 10% of the national waste in the U.S. alone and are the second largest item in landfills by volume (waste360). At Hungry Harvest, we call that a pickle. 

We found that re-usable packaging generates 95% less solid waste than single use recycling. For the next two weeks, we’ve partnered with a local company that recovers boxes, like the one you’ve been delivered.

Our recyclable/reusable bags were a step in the right direction, but we found, over the past 18 months, that many are quickly rendered useless due to wear and tear while most are never returned. This led to needless waste.

We are in the final stages of designing a re-usable delivery box. This box will allow you to do a bunch of cool things, such as:

·      Have a “Never List,” so you don’t get the items you don’t want

·      Order add-on items like juices from ‘ugly’ fruits and veggies, specialty bags like a “ready-to-eat” bag, and apple crisps made from surplus apples to name a few

·      As well as keep the produce safer and fresher

In the meantime, all we ask is that you return these recovered ­­boxes, re-use them, or at the very least, recycle them.

As a Harvest Hero, you are at the forefront of our mind and the reason we work so hard everyday. Thank you for enabling us to walk the path less traveled, but that which leads to a more sustainable future and a better world.



Evan, Mark, Kevin, Stephen, Thomas, Emily, Angela, John, Bernie, Charles, Louie, Charlie, and the rest of the Hungry Harvest Team. 

For Immediate Release                                                                                                                                          December 28, 2015



Food-justice startup will share its innovative business idea on the January 8, 2016 episode

BALTIMORE, Md.Hungry Harvest, a Maryland business aimed at eliminating food waste and ending hunger in the United States, is set to appear on ABC’s Shark Tank on January 8, 2016 at 9:00pm EST. It is the first to appear on the show from the Washington DC/Maryland area, as well as the first ‘ugly produce’ business to pitch to the Sharks. Founder & CEO Evan Lutz, a Pikesville (Baltimore suburb) native and a 2014 University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business graduate, will pitch his business idea to the Sharks, in hopes that they will help him in promoting food justice.


Lutz co-founded Hungry Harvest in May 2014 after learning that six billion pounds of fresh produce is thrown away every year. The organization sells “surplus” produce, produce that would otherwise be wasted because of its odd size or shape. This produce is no different quality than produce you would buy at a grocery store or farmer’s market.  Hungry Harvest delivers a box of surplus fruits and vegetables to subscribers in the Maryland and D.C. areas every week, year round, for discounted prices. For every box delivered, a healthy meal is donated to those in need.


“Having the opportunity to appear on Shark Tank is a dream come true,” says Lutz. “I believe that Shark Tank is the vehicle to help propel our local, mission-driven business to scale across the country.”

To date, Hungry Harvest has recovered 300,000 pounds of produce from going to waste and delivered 100,000 pounds to those in need. With the help of one of the Sharks, Lutz foresees those numbers significantly increasing as they expand across the US.


During the show, local viewers watching will have the opportunity to participate in a trivia contest on social media to win six months worth of free produce. Questions will be episode-related.


Remember to tune in on January 8th at 9:00pm EST to see if one of the Sharks will help Lutz to bring his dreams to fruition. Shark Tank has reinvigorated entrepreneurship in America, and Lutz, along with the rest of the team at Hungry Harvest, is looking for the chance to secure a deal that could eventually lead to ending hunger and food waste in the United States.


About Hungry Harvest: Hungry Harvest, LLC is on a mission to end food waste and hunger in the US. We deliver surplus produce to subscribers every week, year round, for discounted prices. For every box delivered, we donate a healthy meal to those in need. We sell produce with purpose.

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Contact: Evan Lutz

Hungry Harvest  

Hope in a Crazy World

Final Hungry Harvest Logo PNG.png

In a crazy world, is it still possible that there’s anything good happening?

We live in a world where terrorism, protests, racism, income inequality, poverty, hunger, homelessness, and countless more societal issues are all we hear about on the news & social media. It can be overwhelming and disheartening.

The reality is: the world just isn't that bad. I believe that people are innately good. 

Let’s take Baltimore as an example.

There's been a lot of turmoil in Baltimore in 2015. Homicides, protests from years of inequality, and crime riddle the streets - according to Fox, CNN and every politician running for president (minus Martin O’Malley).

But the Baltimore I know is the one where twice as many people showed up to clean the city than actually 'rioted.’

The Baltimore I know has 50+ nonprofits working to alleviate hunger, poverty and crime with people on the ground, in the neighborhoods, talking to residents.

The Baltimore I know is not deflated by negative public opinion from shows like ‘The Wire.'

The Baltimore I know has good people, doing great things.

When I first wanted to become an entrepreneur, I didn’t want to start any normal business - but one with a social mission that would positively impact people’s lives. 

Hungry Harvest has always placed the community first and foremost. We give back to our community/society that has helped us along the way. Thus came the model of buy a bag, give a healthy meal (1.2lbs of produce). 

This Saturday, Hungry Harvest is hosting a Free Farmers Market to donate healthy fruits and vegetables to community members that need it. It’s at the Avenue Market in West Baltimore from 11-2. 

Please join us if you believe what we believe.




Free Farmer's Market

Date: Saturday, November 21st

Time: 11:00am-2:00pm


Avenue Market
1700 Pennsylvania Ave
Baltimore, MD 21217