Q: Generally speaking, how do you work?

A: We believe that no food should go to waste and no person should go hungry. That's why we source, hand pack and deliver delicious boxes of recovered produce to passionate customers on a weekly and bi-weekly basis. For every delivery we make, we donate or subsidize 1-2 pounds of produce through one of our donation partners or our Produce in a SNAP sites. We are on a mission to reduce food waste and fight hunger. Join us!

Q: What does "recovered produce" mean?

A: "Recovered" produce comprises fruits and vegetables that are perfectly fine to eat, but would normally get thrown away. Recovered produce is often discarded because of aesthetic imperfections (think misshapen eggplants or off-color apples) or logistical inefficiencies (when grocery stores over-order produce, they can reject truckloads, and that usually gets thrown away).

Q: How do your donations work? I want to give back.

A: We fight food waste so we can fight hunger! That's why we donate 1-2 lbs per each delivery and set up subsidized farm stands called Produce in a SNAP in schools throughout Baltimore city and beyond. We sell subsidized bags of produce and accept SNAP/EBT (formerly known as food stamps). Click here to read more about our food access model. If you'd like to donate even more or simply donate in lieu of receiving a delivery yourself, check out our give back page!

Q: What produce comes in a box? Can I personalize it?

A: You can personalize your box by letting us know what produce you love and what produce you can't stand. We have a variety of boxes catered to fit your lifestyle. Our most popular option, the Mini Harvest provides approximately 5-7.5 lbs. of produce, including 1 leafy green, 3-4 types of vegetables and 2-3 types of fruit. It's great for 1-2 people. Want to see more?

Q: Where do you currently deliver?

A: Currently we serve Baltimore, D.C., Philadelphia, and the surrounding areas. Want to see if we deliver to you? Click on the button below!


Q: How do deliveries work?

A: Great question! We offer deliveries on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays depending on your zip code. You'll find out your delivery day after registering. You can find delivery times here. As we approach your humble abode with your beautiful harvest, we'll text you in anticipation! You don't have to be home for deliveries, and a lot of our heroes will leave a large cooler out in the hot summer months if they aren't home.

Q: Can I get deliveries to my office?

A: You sure can! We offer Monday deliveries in DC, Philly, and Baltimore City. Just chat us and request a Monday delivery day so we can set you up. Plus, we even have an Office Harvest filled with yummy office friendly fruits! We're on a mission to make break rooms healthier too ;).

Q: Is there a delivery fee?

A: We have a 0.45 cent delivery fee during the winter months to cover the cost of extra packaging and fees. In certain areas, we will also add a small delivery charge of $1.99 for orders under $19.99 (Severna Park, Annapolis/Crofton, Sykesville, Northern Virginia, New Jersey, the Mainline, and other Pennsylvania suburbs).

Q: How do friend referrals work?

A: Share us with your friends and family! When a friend or family member signs up for a subscription, you'll both get 25% off a harvest. All they have to do is put your full name under "Who Referred You?" at checkout. We'll take care of the rest! Discounts do not apply to add ons, by the way!  

Q: Can I get other groceries with my harvest?

A: Yes! We partner with local bakers and makers to help them reduce unnecessary waste and give back. We offer a variety of add ons, such as fresh baked bread, coffee, granola, peanut butter, jam, pesto, and produce staple add ons (lemons, limes, etc.)! We're working hard to add new delicious and local grocery items to our marketplace! Every Monday, we send an email out detailing what's new.


Q: Is the produce locally grown all year round?

A: We place a higher priority over recovering produce from going to waste than its origin. During the growing season (late spring through late fall) we source most of our produce from farmers within a 200-mile radius. This means that most of what we deliver comes from Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. In the offseason, we expand our network to suppliers in warmer regions of the country such as Florida. 

Q: Is the produce organic?

A: We do currently offer an USDA certified organic harvests! You can find our three organic options if you scroll down our homepage here. Our other harvests are consciously sourced! For example, some of the farms we work with use organic growing methods but can't afford to go through the USDA certification! We only partner with farms and wholesalers who are committed to fighting food waste and making our planet a healthier place :)

Q: Is this a subscription? What is the frequency?

A: You can sign up for weekly or bi-weekly deliveries! Once you set up your subscription, you can easily log on to place a delivery hold for any amount of time!

Q: Can I cancel at any time?

A: Absolutely! We don't like contracts either. If you are not 110% satisfied, let us know by emailing us at family@hungryharvest.net! But we have a feeling you'll want to stick around.

Q: What if I live in an apartment? I need to leave delivery instructions!

A: No problem! You can add delivery instructions by logging into your account.  From there, click "Modify Your Personal Information" and add to "Note to Driver" at the bottom :). Please be sure to include information like your building name, code to enter if there is one, and any other info that will help us get your harvest to ya. You can also shoot us a heads up to family@hungryharvest.net if you need help.

Q: When will my delivery come? Do I have to be home to accept my harvest?

A: Deliveries typically take place in the mornings before 12 pm, but we post exact delivery windows here. We also send out delivery windows in our weekly newsletter! We deliver on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays depending on zip code. You can see your delivery day at signup!  You absolutely do not have to be home to accept your delivery. Just leave detailed delivery instructions on your account when ya signup.

Q: Can I skip a week if I'm going on vacation?

A: Of course ya can! All you have to do is log into your account, hover over account options (at the top), and click skip deliveries! From there you can select the weekend you'll be out of town. Please do this before Wednesday nights at 11:59 pm the week of your order! If you miss the deadline, don't sweat it - you can email family@hungryharvest.net and we'll help you out! 

Q: What should I do with my empty harvest box?

A: Kindly recycle, reuse it, or leave it out for us the next week :). If you don't have access to recycling, your driver can pick up empty harvests boxes for us to recycle. If your driver doesn't pick up your box, don't fret. Sometimes, when their cars are full, adding additional boxes can obstruct their view and be hazardous.

Q: But I'm not a professional chef...?

A: No worries, follow our lead! Our recipe guide is updated with simple recipes using main ingredients from the delivery. We also post yummy creations on our Pinterest.  Every customer also receives a weekly email with the week’s harvest and recipe suggestions.

Q: Do you accept SNAP/EBT (formerly known as Food Stamps)?

A: We do! Please email family@hungryharvest.net for more information on how you can use SNAP/EBT to access fresh produce!



Click on a link below or email us at family@hungryharvest.net!