What is Rescued Produce?

1 in 5 fruits and veggies go to waste because of aesthetic imperfections or logistical inefficiencies.

We believe that no fresh produce should go to waste. That's why we save this delicious produce and deliver it to your door.

How We Work



Pick and personalize your mixed, all-veggie, or all-fruit harvest.

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Ah, the convenience of deliveries. Cancel anytime. How can you say no?

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Fight Hunger

Everyone deserves fresh produce. That's why we subsidize & donate produce to people in need.


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What Our Heroes Are Saying

"We love Hungry Harvest because it introduces produce we otherwise wouldn't buy -
all while supporting the underserved and preventing waste." - Danielle from Alexandria 


"We ❤️ waking up to fresh recovered produce at our front door. Thanks @hungryharvest!" - Kate from Baltimore


"Filling your plate with healthy produce one of the most important Whole30 tenets, but not everyone has easy access to fresh or organic produce. Hungry Harvest's goal—helping our Whole30'ers eat healthy on a budget and giving back to communities facing food insecurity—is a perfect match for our life-changing mission."

-Melissa Hartwig