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20% of produce goes to waste. We won't stand for that. 

Recovered farm-fresh fruits & veggies, delivered to your office

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Get fresh, affordable, office-friendly recovered fruits and veggies to your office! Join the hundreds of companies and organizations that rely on Hungry Harvest every day. We work with organizations such as the Baltimore County Public School System, Johns Hopkins, KPMG, and even Google Food.

Healthier Employees = Happier Employees!

Whether you're a small organization that wants to spread the word to your coworkers or a large organization who wants to purchase boxes for your employees, we know our partnership will lead to happier and healthier employees! How awesome is that?


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What is Recovered Produce?

20% of fruits and veggies go to waste because of silly aesthetic imperfections (they don't meet the color, shape or size standards of stores) or logistical inefficiencies (a farmer had too good of a harvest and needs to find a belly for their beloved produce). We believe that no produce should be thrown away, which is why we carefully source, hand-package, and deliver these farm-fresh and delicious items to offices at a discounted rate!

What Our Heroes Are Saying

"I love walking into the office and finding baskets of fruit like this! Thanks Mahan Rykiel Associates, Inc. for having fresh fruits in the kitchen from Hungry Harvest. On a mission to reduce food waste and fight hunger!!!"


How It Works 

Promote health and wellness at your company and help us fight food waste and hunger in your area!


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We present a variety of partnership ideas and you choose the perfect option for your office!


Eat Healthy

We deliver produce right to your office! How convenient!


Fight Hunger

Everyone deserves fresh produce. That's why we donate produce to people in need on your behalf.


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