How It Works

40% of food in America goes to waste, while 50 million people are food insecure. We use one problem to solve another recovering and delivering delicious, customizable boxes of produce, starting at $15/week, to customers on a weekly basis. Recovered produce is fruits and vegetables that are perfectly good to eat, but would normally get thrown away because of aesthetic imperfections (misshapen or off-color) or logistical problems (when grocery stores over-order produce, they can reject truckloads which would get thrown away). Orders can be delivered to your office, or directly to your employees' homes.

Join the ranks of industry leaders like Deloitte, Johns Hopkins, Pandora & Google to fight food waste and eradicate hunger. 

Our Impact

As seen on Shark Tank, we are able to offer staff and families an affordable way to promote healthy eating habits, while supporting their local communities. To date we have reduced unnecessary food waste by 2 million pounds, while donating 400,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables to local communities through our partners at No Boundaries Coalition of Central West Baltimore, Our Daily Bread, Paul’s Place and Moveable Feast to name a few.


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"I love walking into the office and finding baskets of fruit like this! Thanks Mahan Rykiel Associates, Inc. for having fresh fruits in the kitchen from Hungry Harvest. On a mission to reduce food waste and fight hunger!!!"


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