The Produce

Q.     How much produce comes in each box?

  1. Mini Harvest (Organic and Recovered): 
    1. 5 – 7.5 lbs of produce
    2. 1 leafy green, 3-4 types of vegetables and 2-3 types of fruit.
  2. Full Harvest (Organic and Recovered):
    1. 10-15 lbs of produce
    2. 1 bonus item plus a larger quantity of each item.
  3. Super Harvest (Organic and Recovered):
    1. 17-23 lbs of produce 
    2. 3-4 bonus items plus an even larger quantity of each item.
  4.  All-Fruit Harvest: 
    1. Mini: 4-5 different types of fruit
    2. Full: 5-8 different types of fruit

Q.     What types of boxes does Hungry Harvest offer and how much does each one cost?

A: Recovered Harvests: Mini $15; Full $25, Super $35; Organic Harvests: Mini $30; Full $45, Super $55; All-Fruit Harvests: Mini $25; Full $35

Q.     Is all of Hungry Harvest's produce recovered?

A: We recover all of the produce included in the recovered harvests and a lot of the produce in the organic harvests. During the non-growing season, most of our supply comes from growers located in warmer regions and local wholesalers with surplus produce. We are always looking to expand our network of suppliers!

Q.     Where do Hungry Harvest donations go?

A: We donate to multiple locations including Food For Life and the Manna Food Center. You can find a full list of our donation partners here. Additionally, we host Free Farmer’s Markets where we give away produce to those most in need. On a case-by-case basis, we donate directly to several families in need who are referred by our customers. If you know of a specific family/individual who needs help, please email and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.

Q.     What if I have an allergy?

A: We will make sure your box does not have these items in it. Please contact us at so we can accommodate your needs! You can also fill out the Never List in the last step of the sign-up process - which allows you to choose up to four items that you never want coming to your home!

Q.     Does Hungry Harvest provide recipes?

A: Yes, every customer receives a weekly e-newsletter with the week’s harvest and recipe suggestions! Find our recipe blog here.

Q. If there's something in the box this week that I put on my never list, how will you supplement it?

A: If your bag is impacted by items that are on your Never List, then we will do either one of the following options:

  1. We will provide you with an additional portion of an item of equal value that is already in your bag, or
  2. We will supplement that item out with another produce item that is of equal value.