Best Practices Guide


The Best Practices Manual

Our customers are the most important part of Hungry Harvest, and we do everything we can to go above and beyond to make them happy! As a delivery hero, you are on the front line!

Your interactions with customers will make a lasting impression and shape their Hungry Harvest experience. Here are some quick tips to make sure every customer has the best experience possible!

When you’re on the way

  • Always start the task in Get Swift as soon as you’re on the way. When you swipe to start a task, your phone sends the customer a text message telling them their harvest is on the way. This feature gives the customer ample time to get ready and be there when you arrive! It also helps with freshness of produce - a box sitting outside for a long time is no good!

When you arrive:

  • If it’s before 8 am, do not knock! Diligently follow the delivery instructions (usually a specific place to leave the harvest, code to get in, building name, front desk instructions, etc.) If you leave the harvest somewhere out of sight from the front door (front desk, side door, back door, etc.), TEXT the customer to tell them exactly where it is with a photo of the harvest. LEAVE a completion photo in Get Swift.

    • Leaving a photo record is the most important thing! Customers will write in saying they never got their harvest, and if we don’t have a photo record they will be upset and we have to refund them 100%. Make sure we can see the front door and house/apartment number in the photo.

  • If it’s after 8 am, follow the delivery instructions and knock on their door and ring the doorbell!

    • If the customer does not answer, leave the harvest wherever the delivery instructions state to. If instructions do not specify, leave at front door and take a photo for the completion record. Please be sure that the photo includes the door number, address, etc.

    • If the customer answers, greet them with a smile and ask how their day is!! Kindly ask for their signature and tell ‘em to have a good day. If they ask you a question, do your best to answer - if you don’t know the answer tell them to email

  • If they leave out their old harvest boxes or winter packaging, take them with you and put ‘em in your car. Kindly bring them to the warehouse at your next shift.

If customers ask if we reuse the boxes we deliver their harvests in, here’s what to say:

  • Great question! We would love to reuse our boxes but we no longer can for food safety reasons! If you don't have access to recycling, I can pick up empty boxes for ya! However, sometimes I don’t have space in their cars and the boxes will obstruct my view. If I don’t pick up your box, please break it down and recycle or leave it out for us next week!!

If you can’t find their door or need to call the customer:

  • Call the number in Get Swift and introduce yourself - “Hi my name is ___ and I’m a Hungry Harvest delivery hero! I have a question…” etc - ask politely for directions and instructions. If you can’t find their house and their instructions don’t help, call dispatch! We’ll help you!

Situations that might come up:

  • If a customer asks a question you don’t know the answer to - Tell them to email

  • If you have to leave the harvest outside of a locked apartment

  • If a customer refuses the harvest and says they cancelled - tell them that’s okay and they won’t be charged! Keep the harvest as a back up and call dispatch so they can remove the charge from the customer’s account.

  • If a customer has a cooler out, place the harvest sitting upright into the cooler and close it. If it does not fit into the cooler, call the customer and tell them it won’t fit and that you left it in the shade. Do not leave the harvest next to or on top of the cooler.

If a situation comes up and you aren’t sure what to do, it’s better to be safe than sorry! It’s important to over communicate with customers so they know where to find their box, when it was delivered and how to get in touch with us. Always ask them to email if there is an issue you can’t help with and call dispatch for support!

Remember, the customer is always right!!!