That's what we're wondering!

Beefsteak Tomatoes: Surplus item from a supplier of ours who fights to eliminate waste at their facility!
Kale: A grower overproduced this crop with not enough demand, so we bought it up!
Rainbow Chard: Surplus
Butternut Squash: they are "outer skin and peel defects" (nothing that impacts freshness and taste!)
Snow Peas: Surplus
Delicata Squash: This item got rejected from the grocery store because of discoloration, how sad! 
Garlic: Surplus
Green Beans: Surplus
Lemons: they are too ugly and cute!
Napa Cabbage: Surplus
Nectarines: Surplus
Organic Garlic: Surplus
Organic Pineapple: Surplus
Pardon Peppers: Surplus
Pears: They've got extra personality and needed a home!
Pie Pumpkins: "Discoloration." Sooooo sad!
Pineapple: Surplus
Plums: Surplus
Red Potatoes: Outer skin/peel defects and surplus!
Shizuka Apples: Crazy shapes and sizes that would never be accepted into a grocery store
Starfruit: Surplus
Suntan Peppers: Didn't meet the color standards of the original buyer!