A Chef Hungry For Change

February 21, 2016

Inspiring & Passionate Chef, Chef Mark Cleveland, joins Hungry Harvest to change the way we look at and eat food.  

There is a reason at Hungry Harvest we refer to our customers as heroes and consider them part of the family. Not only do our harvest heroes enable us to save thousands of pounds of deliciously ugly produce and feed the hungry every week, but they live and breathe our mission: no veggie left behind. It’s often not easy to open up a box of 7 different pieces of produce, some foreign, some unfamiliar, some ugly, and begin to plan meals for the week. I’ve challenged myself to do just this the past several weeks and I’ll be honest, it’s no easy task. I’m no chef. Nor do I pride myself on any culinary talents. And sautéing a vegetable medley has lost its luster.

How do we improve your culinary experience? For the past several months, the Hungry Harvest team has been searching for a way to help our Hungry Harvest family get the most out of their weekly/bi-weekly veggies. We’ve luckily had the part-time help of Chef Barry from Innovative Gourmet and worked on veggie education in our newsletters, but we’ve always felt we could do more. People want more guidance with their harvest box. Recipes tailored specifically to what you receive in your harvest, utilizing each ingredient. Not only that, but a recipe community that supports each other in our efforts to live more fulfilling and healthier lives.

Chef Mark Cleveland joins Hungry Harvest. After searching for several months, we were blessed to find Chef Mark. With more than a decade of experience in healthy cooking, he blends his philosophy of creating dishes that are not only good for the soul & body, but absolutely delicious as well. He will be working hard along with our team to a) craft recipes specifically designed to utilize all the veggies in your box, b) incorporate a philosophy of delicious and healthy, c) help us with harvest composition and provide tips on preventing waste/spoilage.

The Hungry Harvest Iron Chef Competition. The HH “Secret” Recipe Community. Live Cooking Shows w/Chef Mark. And more surprises to look out for. These are just some of the things we are planning to not only help you make the most out of every delicious fruit and vegetable in your harvest, but to build our community. Our vision is much more than a group of individuals eating ugly fruits and veggies. We may be nutritionists, doctors, clowns, artists, or consultants, but all our lifestyles and beliefs are intertwined simply by the choice to receive a weekly delivery of fruits and vegetables and creatively fit these earthly creations into our lives.

We only hope that your passion for produce grows and we are so excited for what is ahead.  

Mark L., CSO.