Switch From Bags to Boxes


January 7, 2016

Dear Harvest Heroes,

You may be wondering why your produce is in a box with a random label. Well, we thought recovered/organic produce with purpose would go well with a recovered box with a purpose.

Currently, corrugated boxes comprise over 10% of the national waste in the U.S. alone and are the second largest item in landfills by volume (waste360). At Hungry Harvest, we call that a pickle. 

We found that re-usable packaging generates 95% less solid waste than single use recycling. For the next two weeks, we’ve partnered with a local company that recovers boxes, like the one you’ve been delivered.

Our recyclable/reusable bags were a step in the right direction, but we found, over the past 18 months, that many are quickly rendered useless due to wear and tear while most are never returned. This led to needless waste.

We are in the final stages of designing a re-usable delivery box. This box will allow you to do a bunch of cool things, such as:

·      Have a “Never List,” so you don’t get the items you don’t want

·      Order add-on items like juices from ‘ugly’ fruits and veggies, specialty bags like a “ready-to-eat” bag, and apple crisps made from surplus apples to name a few

·      As well as keep the produce safer and fresher

In the meantime, all we ask is that you return these recovered ­­boxes, re-use them, or at the very least, recycle them.

As a Harvest Hero, you are at the forefront of our mind and the reason we work so hard everyday. Thank you for enabling us to walk the path less traveled, but that which leads to a more sustainable future and a better world.


Evan, Mark, Kevin, Stephen, Thomas, Emily, Angela, John, Bernie, Charles, Louie, Charlie, and the rest of the Hungry Harvest Team.