Backed up on produce? Here's what you can do

We sometimes get backed up on produce. And it can be overwhelming! Here's some great ways to use your items in delicious, easy, and quick ways and prevent items from going to waste. Many of these ideas were submitted by the Hungry Harvest Hero family on Facebook!



  1. Throw them into a stew
  2. Make a soup (cauliflower, tomato, and vegetable are a favorite) (submitted by Carmen)
  3. Make a frittata. "I find that most veggies go great in a frittata! We make one every week for my husband to take to work for breakfast. They reheat well!" (submitted by Pamela)
  4. Stir fry 'em (and freeze leftovers!) (submitted by Laura)
  5. Roast them and toss 'em in your favorite spices and olive oil (submitted by Dawn)
  6. Make quesadillas
  7. Make pasta
  8. Grill 'em! (submitted by Elisa): Toss veggies with olive oil and salt. Spread on foil and place on top of hot grill. When done, sprinkle with a flavored vinegar (eg. balsamic, sherry), or juice of lemon, lime, or orange. Toss chopped herbs on top.
  9. Make a chili
  10. Make egg muffins (submitted by Carmen)
  11. Pickle 'em (submitted by AC)
  12. Roast 'em (roast them in big batches and use them for lunches) (submitted by Suzi)
  13. Use them for a pizza (submitted by Stacee)
  14. "Hide them in your kids' meals! I dice up the leftover veggies and mix them with taco seasoning and ground beef for healthier tacos (submitted by Amanda)
  15. Crowd favorite: "I like to marinade them and jar them for antipasti or picnics. Roasting them first brings out amazing flavors, then toss in olive oil, white wine vinegar, olives, (I like to add anchovies too) fresh oregano or mint, set overnight then into the jars. They'll keep for a week or two but usually get eaten in a day since they taste so good." (submitted by Mike)
  16. Juice 'em! (submitted by Julie)
  17. Make veggie enchiladas! (submitted by Erica)
  18. Make omelets or shish kebabs! (submitted by Lynn)
  19. Give them to a friend!
  20. Make a snack. "I slice and put in an airtight container with compartments for snacks with or without dip." (submitted by Dusty)
  21. Make a raw soup (submitted by Shervonne)
  22. Cut 'em up and dip 'em in ranch or bleu cheese dressing (submitted by Cindy)
  23. Make fried rice (submitted by Jennifer)
  24. Can them! (submitted by Jennifer)
  25. Make chips (zucchini chips! mmmm) (submitted by Judy)
  26. Make a casserole (submitted by Judy)
  27. Donate them! ("Donate to a local food pantry! All the pantries registered on can take fresh produce." (submitted by Emily)
  28. Play Chopped with your friends and family! 
  29. Make a soup (submitted by Elisa): Here's a recipe: Sauté 3 carrots, 1 onion, and 3 celery stalks in olive oil until soft. Add 3 cloves chopped garlic, and sauté for 30 seconds. Add one diced potato, and any veggies you need to use up that can handle long simmering. You can add beans (Cooked or uncooked), chopped parsley, and herbs or spices of choice, too. Cover with water and simmer. Cook until soup thickens (and beans are done, if starting with uncooked beans.). Add pepper, and salt to taste. If it tastes flat, splash some red wine vinegar or a squeeze of lemon. Even Parmesan cheese, if you like. Tastes better each day it sits.
  30. Search for whatever you have on Pinterest and take a vote on your favorite recipe with your family
  31. Make hummus
  32. Share them with your neighbors! (submitted by Regina)
  33. Make meals for the homeless or your local church! (submitted by Rita)



  1. Freeze 'em
  2. Make smoothies
  3. Juice 'em (submitted by Julie)
  4. Make fruit milk
  5. Make a fruit crisp (submitted by Dawn)
  6. Make a cobbler/pie (submitted by Marie)
  7. Make a salsa
  8. Make a shortcake
  9. Ferment it / make kombucha (submitted by Rhonda)
  10. Make an applesauce. "Add whatever fruit is left for fun flavors." (submitted by Alicia)
  11. Make a compote
  12. Throw it in some vanilla yogurt (submitted by Cindy)
  13. Dehydrate your fruit!
  14. Make a fruit salad (submitted by Lynn)
  15. Make a jam or jelly and gift them! (submitted by Lynn)
  16. Make sangria
  17. Dry them
  18. Make frozen fruit/yogurt lollipop
  19. Make sweets and bring them into work tomorrow!

Have any other favorite tips to share with other heroes? Comment below!

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