We're wondering the same thing!

Grapefruit: surplus
Navel Oranges: too big!
Cameo Apples: surplus
Red Leaf Lettuce: surplus
Plums: too small! they're extra tiny but are big on flavor :)
Mini Cabernet Tomatoes : surplus
Yellow Onions: surplus
Red Potatoes : misshapen, scarred, and surplus
Tomatoes : surplus, extra small, big retailers don't want small tomatoes this size but we do! ;)
Japanese Eggplant : wonky shapes and sizes!
Zucchini: surplus, wonky shapes and sizes!
Sweet Potatoes : surplus, wonky shapes and sizes!
Cantaloupes : surplus!
Galia Melons : scarred
Ataulfo mangoes: there's some discoloration at the butt of the mangos but they're perfectly good to eat!
Papaya : surplus
Nectarines : scarred and discolored due to heavy rain on the east coast. We were able to get a handful of cases from a grower in Virginia!