We're wondering the same thing!

Avocados: undersized
White Seedless Grapes: they didn't have a buyer or a belly so we bought them for you :) 
Broccoli: they were cut in a way the buyer didn't like. Isn't that crazy?
Cantaloupes: scarred and ugly outer skin, undersized; they're ripe and ready to eat ASAP!
Cauliflower: very slight discoloration
Clementines: back by popular demand, they're ugly and greenish skin even though they are super delish on the inside! ripe and ready to eat ASAP!
Cubanelle Peppers: they didn't fit the buyer's perfect size requirements
Ginger Gold Apples: misshapen and local from our friends at McCleaf Orchards. These are the 1st apples of the season on the East Coast! Super tasty!
Golden Beets: misshapen
Garlic: undersized
Japanese Eggplant: sunburned/yellow. very funky shapes and sizes
Kale: surplus summer crop
Cucumbers: misshapen
Heirloom Tomatoes: surplus summer crop, ripe and ready to eat ASAP!
Pink Crisp Apples: outer-skin defects
Plums: surplus
Purple Bell Peppers: Local beautiful and surplus product
Red Grapefruit: scarring and ugly outer skin, misshapen
Roma Tomatoes: undersized and misshapen
Tomatoes: undersized, discolored