You're (Not) So Ugly! Why Were Your Rejected!?

We're wondering the same thing!

Bartlett Pears: misshapen and scarred
Valencia Oranges: misshapen and scarred
Zsa Zsa Sweet Peppers: the original buyer backed out after the peppers were planted :(
Sweet Potatoes: misshapen, scarred, oversized
Zestar Apples: off-sized
Romaine Lettuce: surplus summer crop
Carrots: small scarring on some carrots
Roma Tomatoes: grower couldn’t find a buyer
Butternut Squash: off-sized, surplus (the squash grew like crazy!)
Suntan Peppers: off-colored and surplus
Large Ugly Tomatoes: scarred, oversized, surplus
Bunched Spring Mix: surplus summer crop
Kale: surplus summer crop
Purple Bell Peppers: grower couldn’t find a buyer
Pattypan Squash: grower couldn’t find a buyer
Spring Mix: grower couldn’t find a buyer


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