You’re (Not) So Ugly! Why were you rejected?!

We’re wondering the same thing!

Anjou Pears: too ugly for the original buyer, as there were some "outer skin defects"
Big Green Bell Peppers: they're humongous and the buyer didn't want them!
Black Plums: the original buyer accidentally placed too large of an order, and the grower needed a place to sell the surplus (enter Hungry Harvest!)
Brussels Sprouts: undersized, and extra cute
Cantaloupe: undersized; grocery store didn't want them
Cauliflower: rejected because of some minor oxidation on some heads
Cubanelle Peppers: surplus, crazy shapes and sizes
Cucumbers: surplus
Eggplant: scarred and crazy shapes and sizes
Golden Supreme Apples: crazy shapes and sizes
Granny Smith Apples: outer skin defects
Iceberg Lettuce: rejected because a few heads were slightly discolored
Mini Sweet "Yummy" Peppers: grower had too good of a harvest and needed a buyer!
Peaches: overgrown and couldn't locate a buyer
Pink Crisp Apples: some outer skin defects
Plumcots: over-purchased by original buyer
Roma Tomatoes: off-grade and rejected from retail
Roma Tomatoes: surplus
Slicing Tomatoes: too large for retail outlets
Small Purple/Red/Green Bell Peppers: too tiny and too cute
Suntan Peppers: these gorgeous peppers were rejected because there were some slight defects with the stems!
Sweet Onions: didn't meet buyer's sizing standards and off-colored
Tomatoes: off-sized and a bit of scarring
Yellow Squash/Zucchini: off-grade and rejected by original buyer

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