You're (Not) So Ugly, Why Were You Rejected!? 9/30-10/3

We're wondering the same thing!

Artichokes: This item got rejected from the grocery store because of some artichokes were discolored
Sweet and Spicy Greens Mix: A grower overproduced this crop with not enough demand, so we bought it up!
Black Krim Tomatoes: A grower overproduced these as well!
Broccoli: Surplus item
Organic Dandelion Greens: Surplus item from a supplier of ours who fights to eliminate waste at their facility
Cantaloupe: Outer skin/peel defects. All aesthetics issues that make them taste just as sweet!
Organic Shiitake Mushrooms: Surplus
Guava: Surplus
Jonagold Apples: They had too much personality - crazy shapes and sizes that weren't accepted by a traditional grocery store
Mangoes: Some minor discoloration on the skin
Organic Acorn Squash: discoloration
Organic Purple/Rainbow Peppers: wonky shapes and sizes!
Organic Yellow Bell Peppers: surplus
Persimmons: Outer skin/peel defects, a.k.a. aesthetics issues that don't impact taste (lesson: don't judge a fruit by its ugliness!)
White Onions: Surplus
Yellow Onions: Surplus

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