You're (Not) So Ugly, Why Were you Rejected!?

We're wondering the same thing!

Anaheim Peppers: off-sized
Broccolini: the pallets were stacked imperfectly and the grocery store refused to take the pallets
Strawberries: over-purchased by original wholesale buyer
Clementines: undersized, extra cute, and surplus
Cubanelles: off-sized
Gala Apples: off-sized
Golden Supreme Apples: off-sized
Green Peppers: under-sized
Red Leaf Lettuce: surplus
Mini Watermelons: super tiny, super cute!
Nectarines: over-purchased by original wholesale buyer
Onions: rejected for discoloration
Organic Green Peppers: off-sized
Peaches: over-purchased by original wholesale buyer
Red Leaf Lettuce: surplus
Red Onions: off-colored
Shishito Peppers: surplus
Squash: off-sized
Sweet Potatoes: massive size, massive flavor
Tomatoes: rejected for cute lil' (butt)cracks
Zucchini: funky shapes and sizes! 

Ritesh GuptaComment