Deciding on a produce delivery service is an exciting and rewarding time. We've laid out a few important considerations to help you in your decision, as well as some insights that we've learned from personal experience!

1. Your needs

Let's consider the most important factor. Are you trying to eat healthier? Are you looking to try some new produce items that you might not have found at the grocery store? Or maybe you’re trying to save money or waste less. If you've answered "yes" to any of the above, read on!

2. Convenience

Convenience is another important factor to consider when deciding “to deliver, or not to deliver.” Don’t have the time, desire, or energy to go to the grocery store? The concept of getting your produce might make sense. But when looking at specific produce delivery services, consider the delivery times and the delivery experience. We like to text our Harvest Heroes (i.e. our “customers”) when your driver is on the way, and when your box is delivered, so even if you're running errands, rest assured that your produce was delivered.

3. The company’s story

Every company has a different story that appeals to its customers. Some companies have been around for generations. Some companies have hip branding. Hungry Harvest’s story is all about cutting down on food waste, selling “ugly” produce, and feeding the hungry. Every produce delivery service's story is different, so be sure to research this ahead of time.

4. Your friends’ experience

Do your friends already use a produce delivery service? Ask them about their experience with their produce, their deliveries, their overall experience - the whole enchilada. Our biggest recommendation is to ask around on Twitter or Facebook. Click here to ask your friends and followers on Facebook or Twitter. Who knows, maybe they'll say something nice about us? ;)

5. Variety

A variety of produce is key, especially if your goal is to eat a healthy, balanced diet. So make sure the service you sign up not only includes variety, but the right variety. Do you want to increase your intake of vegetables? Fruit? Both? Awesome! Are you picky, too? Make sure the service you choose gives you what you need. Our deliveries include a variety of staple items (like tomatoes, potatoes, and onions) and surprise items that are delicious, nutritious, and plain beautiful (like starfruit). And for anyone who doesn't like specific items, they can personalize their box.

6. Support

Some services do a great job with supporting their customers with their items. Some offer recipe cards in their boxes, while others (like us) have popular Facebook groups and Pinterest pages for great recipes. Are you a more advanced cook? That's awesome, you probably don't need to consider this factor as much.

7. The packaging

The packaging is an important consideration for many, yet some services use a lot of packaging. Make sure your service is considerate of the environment. At Hungry Harvest, we use a minimal amount of packaging - such as a recyclable cardboard box - for all of our deliveries.

8. Affordability

Don't let a produce delivery service break the bank. Research around and find a service that fits your budget. Since we started, we spent a lot of time making sure our produce was priced fairly and we compensated our farmers for produce they wouldn't have otherwise been able to sell.

9. The customer experience

You can tell a lot by how companies treat their customers. Does the company talk to you like a friend and will do whatever they can to make you happy, or does the company seem stuffy? We think a company should be friendly, optimistic, and accessible. Don't you agree? :)

In conclusion

Deciding on which produce delivery service to join is an exciting journey. There are a lot of elements to consider, but don’t think too hard - oftentimes your gut will point you in the right direction!

Have any questions? Post 'em in the comments below!

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About Hungry Harvest

Hungry Harvest is a produce delivery service on a mission to fight food waste and hunger in the U.S. We serve Baltimore, D.C., Philadelphia, and the surrounding areas such as Silver Spring, Alexandria, and Bethesda. Our service comprises of fresh fruit deliveries, vegetable deliveries, mixed fruit and vegetable deliveries, and organic produce deliveries. We pride ourselves on being fair, affordable, mission-driven, sustainable, and just plain awesome.

Our Harvest Heroes love that they can get fruits and vegetables delivered right to their home or office between Friday and Mondays. You can order your desired fresh fruit or vegetable box online, and depending on your preferences, you can receive a weekly food delivery or a bi-weekly food delivery. Because you receive a box of fruits and vegetables, you might think of us as a "delivery CSA." Shopping for fruits and vegetables online should be easy so feel free browse around our website and ask us any questions in the meantime.

Whether you heard about us from our feature on Shark Tank, from a friend who uses us, or a news article about ugly produce, we'd love for you to join our family.