Hungry Harvest ❤️ Farmers Markets


If you’re a fruit & veggie fan like us, nothing says summertime like a trip to the farmers market. Locally grown, seasonal finds, community oriented...we totally get it.

Surprised to hear that coming from a produce delivery company? We thought you might be, so we asked some Hungry Harvest coworkers why they support both and how a Hungry Harvest delivery and a trip to the farmers market can both be part of their weekly routine.

“I love going to my local farmers market because I feel a sense of community there and building community is a big part of what I do. I love that my weekly Harvest deliveries help support the low cost community markets we run in the summer for those neighborhoods without access to fresh produce.”

Alica, Food Access Coordinator

Our Produce in a SNAP markets are important year-round, but summer can be especially hard for some families, because when school closes, so do the funded meal programs. For districts without summer meal options and kids who are used to getting meals at school (sometimes up to 3 per day!), our reduced-cost markets become even more essential. This summer we will have over 9 PIAS markets around Baltimore and Frederick, MD. With the continued support of our weekly Hungry Harvest deliveries, our goal is to eventually grow this program into all of our delivery areas.


“I work with farmers on a daily basis - that’s actually how Hungry Harvest started - by collecting the surplus that farmers would normally compost after market sales. Those initial days showed us that there was more than enough produce to go around and that we could not only help each other by saving it, but also all survive in a healthy manner. So whether I get food from the farmers market or in my weekly harvest - I know I’m still supporting the farmer’s bottom line.”

Kevin, Director of Procurement

The truth is it’s impossible for us to be at odds with farmers markets because ultimately we’re all working towards the same goal - helping farmers get fair wages for their entire harvest. The only difference is in how we get there. With 20 billion pounds going unharvested every year because there isn’t a market for certain produce, giving farmers options for selling everything they grow is the name of the game. We’re glad we can be part of supplementing the work they’re already doing through their farm stands or at local markets.


“My daughter is really curious about food right now - so I’m starting early and showing her the importance of where her food comes from and eventually how it plays into the bigger food system. For now, whether that means tasting something at the farmers market or going through our Hungry Harvest delivery together, that sense of discovery is still the same.”

Ariana, Customer Experience and Training Manager

While we try to work with as many local farmers as possible, our primary goal is to fight food waste at the farm level wherever that may be, recovering whatever they might have. So just like a farmers market, you never know what will be featured each week and we think that surprise and discovery is absolutely part of the fun - no matter how you’re getting those veggies.

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“As a plant-based blogger, I’ve come to rely on my weekly Harvest delivery to help inspire my recipe development and get the creative juices flowing. I like to use my neighborhood farmers market to help elevate my dishes with seasonal, local produce - but with my busy schedule and the unpredictability of the weather, I can’t always make it, so it’s comforting to know that rain or shine I am covered.”

Emily, harvestRX Program Manager

Meal prep is easier when you know what you have coming, and meal preparation is more fun when you let the ingredients inspire your cooking. That’s why during the summer we like to think of ourselves as the perfect complement to your seasonal faves from the farmers market by providing the weekly staples you need for both produce and pantry items.

Want to be like us and shop both farmers markets and Hungry Harvest this summer, but think you’ll have too much produce on your hands (as if such a thing is even possible)? Consider scaling down the size of your Harvest or switching to bi-weekly deliveries for a few months. And remember that it’s easy to put your delivery on hold if you are headed out of town. We’ll take a break while you’re on vacation and resume deliveries as soon as you return.

Together we can continue to fight food waste, support our farmers, and enjoy the best produce available regardless of the season.

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