Clean Eating Is Easy With Weekly Produce Deliveries.

Stock Your Kitchen with Farm Fresh Fruits & Veggies from Hungry Harvest.

Eating natural, whole foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables, is the foundation of a clean eating lifestyle. Luckily we make it simple for you to keep your kitchen well stocked by providing convenient access to the right foods with farm to doorstep produce delivery. Weekly Harvests can be easily customized to match your meal plans, ensuring that you get more of what you like and less of what you don’t. Plus, when you become a subscriber you’ll not only save time and money, but you’ll also automatically join our mission in the fight against food waste and hunger.

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Our Weekly Produce Deliveries

Each week, we curate fresh rescued fruits & veggies, pack 'em up & deliver to your doorstep for less than grocery store prices. Our customizable boxes come in a variety of sizes & options so you can find the harvest that's just right for you!

A Typical Full Harvest Contains:

1 head Lettuce / 3 Yellow Squash / 1 head Cauliflower / 2 Cucumbers / 6 Peaches / 3 Mangoes / 2 lbs French Red Fingerling Potatoes / 6 Plums / 2 Celery Hearts


"The best way to get your fruits and vegetables! I eat so much healthier now as well as save time and money. I cannot recommend it highly enough."
-Cassandra L.

"Omg this is the best subscription I've ever signed up for.  So convenient and I'm AMAZED at how much produce I get for the price. I can't believe the big box stores would toss this stuff.  All the produce I've received is 100% fresh and ready to eat. I get the mini harvest and I'm always amazed at the quantity and quality of produce."
- Mariana A. 

“What's not to love about the produce showing up on your doorstep that you were able to customize the week before? I spend less time in the grocery store, less time in my car and traffic, and more time enjoying my Saturday. Thank you Hungry Harvest.”
- Alexander G.