For every harvest we deliver, we donate 2 pounds of produce to help feed someone in need.

To date we have delivered 2,493,426 pounds and donated 471,716 pounds more!

Make a difference in who eats today:


Produce in a SNAP

Produce in a SNAP is a partnership between Hungry Harvest and Baltimore City Public Schools to bring fresh, affordable produce to food deserts in order to promote healthy eating and fight hunger. The goal is to allow food-insecure families and individuals who could benefit from affordable produce, including those on government assistance programs such as SNAP/EBT, WIC, and SSDI, to stretch their food budgets and put nutritious produce on their dinner table.

The Franklin Square Community is known as a food desert, however, thanks to Hungry Harvest we’re able to purchase fresh produce at an affordable cost every Thursday at the Franklin Square Elementary/Middle School.
— Edith Gilliard, President, Franklin Square Community Association