For every delivery, we empower a family in need
by providing access to affordable fruits & veggies through our Produce in a SNAP program and donations to local organizations.

To date we have delivered over 3,000,000 pounds, provided access to 50,000 pounds of reduced-cost produce and donated over 500,000 pounds more to our partner organizations!


Produce in a SNAP

Produce in a SNAP is a partnership between Hungry Harvest and Baltimore City Public Schools to bring fresh, affordable produce to food deserts in order to promote healthy eating and fight hunger. The goal is to allow food-insecure families and individuals who could benefit from affordable produce, including those on government assistance programs such as SNAP/EBT, WIC, and SSDI, to stretch their food budgets and put nutritious produce on their dinner table.

The Franklin Square Community is known as a food desert, however, thanks to Hungry Harvest we’re able to purchase fresh produce at an affordable cost every Thursday at the Franklin Square Elementary/Middle School.
— Edith Gilliard, President, Franklin Square Community Association


Charitable Request Guidelines

Food justice, affordable access and community are pillars of who we are and the ethos of our food access model, Produce in a SNAP. The bulk of our charitable support is dedicated to furthering the mission of that program. 

We know the community runs deeper than just our food access efforts, so in appreciation of your history as a hunger hero, we will try to accommodate every request for charitable donations we receive. While we are not able to assist with a monetary investment in your program; sponsor a table for a 5k, wellness fair or like event; and won't be able to appear as a guest speaker for your school or office, we have other ways to effectively support your program.


What Can We Give?

We will absolutely make our best effort to donate a box of in-season, delicious produce to your charitable event. If that doesn’t work for your needs, we sometimes can offer a gift certificate. We can also offer a special discount code for your organization to use to help engagement for your wellness program's participation in subscribing to Hungry Harvest. Please indicate which of the above options is more appropriate for your event by filling out the contact form below!

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