Driver Guide

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Apps to have on your phone:

  • OnFleet - we will send you the link and you can download it from the link. The OnFleet App cannot be accessed from the App Store.

  • Google Maps/ Waze - we use google maps API to export the delivery address from our Delivery app OnFleet.

  • When I Work - we use this app for scheduling and confirmation of arrival times on confirmed delivery days



  • Pay it Forward: if you navigate to an address that takes you to a different location than you are supposed to be, it may be a system error. If you get to a house, apartment, business, etc that is difficult to get to, please help future drivers by marking NI and describing what we can add to the customer’s account to make it easier next time!

  • Everybody Eats: we believe that eating well will lead us to success, we provide an assortment of fruits and vegetables you for each route you take to make sure you are happy and healthy. We are working together to reduce hunger, food waste, and to have access to the food that will make us feel the best.



  • Please Notify us of any changes to weekend scheduling AT LEAST 72 hours ahead of service day, failure to do so will result in immediate termination of relationship as we cannot plan



  • Box Temperature/Product Freshness is the most important thing!
  • Load the LAST boxes you will deliver into your car FIRST. This way the first boxes you will deliver are most accessible

  • Make sure any boxes you load into your trunk are the first boxes you will be delivering


Product Handling:

  • Handle boxes carefully when moving them from the pallet to your vehicle. Do not stack boxes on their sides as contents can shift and the box can become damaged during the delivery process.


Delivery Process:

Proof of Delivery:

  • It is expected that you have proof of delivery for every delivery you make.

    • A signature from the customer when the harvest is handed to the customer

    • A photo when the box is left out and not delivered directly to the customer (i.e.: “left with concierge, could not get to apartment door”)

    • A completion note when supplemental information is needed to describe what happened at the delivery

Apartment Deliveries:

  • Make sure if the person has an apartment listed in the OnFleet application that you are attempting to deliver to their specific doorstep within the apartment complex (and make sure that your photo can capture the box with the apartment number)

  • If you are not able to take the elevator or get past the concierge please leave a completion note that explains why you were not able to get up to their specific apartment

House Deliveries:

  • Make sure the address in OnFleet matches the number on the house and that your are on the correct street when doing so. There are occasions when a house number is the same as the one in OnFleet but not on the same street as the customer’s address in OnFleet

Difficult Deliveries:

  • Please TEXT/CALL dispatch anytime you get to a delivery where the information is wrong or incomplete as well as leave in the completion notes for the customer. If the delivery was a challenge we need to know so we can update the delivery notes the driver sees so that it is easier for the next driver making that delivery!



Car Insurance:

  • As a condition of doing business with Hungry Harvest and at Contractor’s own expense, Contractor shall, during the term of this Agreement, maintain current insurance of the types and in the amounts required by law in the jurisdiction in which Contractor operates to perform

Car Charger:

  • Make sure you have a working phone charger in your car for the day of delivery so that your phone does not lose charge during the delivery process.

Maintenance: Making sure your car is maintained and road-ready for delivery day

  • Tires: make sure all tires have air and tread before coming in for deliveries to reduce the chance of a flat tire and help reduce your car maintenance costs

  • Oil: make sure you have had an oil change within the recommended time frame to reduce the chance of breakdown during the service window you are designated

  • Head/ Tail Lights: make sure all head/tail lights are functioning


OnFleet/ Google Maps APIs:

Read over OnFleet’s guide at this link to understand how the mobile app works with your phone:


  • You can also go here to see a tutorial.

  • *Tip: Be careful as OnFleet will route you to a longitude and latitude of the specific delivery you are making and not necessarily to a pin linked to the actual address. What this means is that the pin dropped may send you to the alley or street behind the house or apartment you are assigned to. Be sure to look at the address on the app and make sure the navigation has sent you to the street and exact address numbering where the customer you are delivering to is located.


Google Maps:

  • Google Maps’ Application is integrated into OnFleet’s

  • To be sure you do not have navigation issues due to connectivity, download the Google Maps associated with your specific route to use offline.

  • Directions to download a route area to use offline

To download an area to use offline, follow the steps below.

  1. On your phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app .

  2. Make sure you're connected to the Internet and signed in to Google Maps.

  3. Search for a place, like Baltimore City.

  4. At the bottom, tap the bar that has the name of the place you searched. If you search for a place like a restaurant, tap More .

  5. Select Download.

Tip: The biggest size for an offline area is 120,000 square kilometers. If you try to save a bigger area, you'll be asked to zoom in to a smaller area.

  • Be careful because OnFleet will route you based on the longitude and latitude of the specific delivery you are making and not the pin linked to the actual address and that can send you to a number of places including the alley or street behind the house. Be sure to look at the address on the app and make sure the navigation has sent you to the street and exact address where the customer you are delivering to is located.



  • You will be paid within 7 days of services for Hungry Harvest

    • For the first two weeks of delivery driving you will be paid via check or paypal. Paypal can be sent electronically, check can be given in person on your next delivery day or mailed to your house

    • After two weeks of delivery driving you will be set up on Direct Deposit after filling out the direct deposit form. Your payment for the week of services will be deposited into your account the Friday after their completion


You will be paid based on the route that you take. Pay rates will range from $1.50/customer delivered to - $3.25/customer delivered to. We determine this rate by analyzing the time projected to complete the route and the number of boxes being delivered to determine a pay rate that will come in between $18-25/hour. The amount you are paid per box is based on a google maps determined estimate of time to completion plus an added idle time per stop to reflect the area you are delivering in.


Driver Protocol:

Below is a suggested protocol for all contracted part time delivery drivers for Hungry Harvest LLC. This suggested protocol has been designed to give all drivers a simple, organized method for completing their assigned tasks.


Day Before Assigned Delivery Day(s)


  • View assigned route through the OnFleet application.

  • Know your scheduled arrival time for the day of delivery.

  • Ensure your car is clean and there is freed up space to methodically place our boxed food items for delivery.

  • Ensure a working car charger and cell phone charging port

  • Ensure you have a full tank of gas (or an adequate amount so that you will not need to make a fill- stop while you are in your designated service area)


Delivery Day:

To Do:

  • Switch to “On Duty” from “Off Duty” in the OnFleet app.

  • Navigate to the warehouse for load up at your assigned and confirmed arrival time to:

    • 7460 Conowingo Ave, Jessup MD 20794

  • Text dispatcher when you have arrived to the warehouse

  • Back-in to any available space between bay units 91-113 at Cooseman’s dock

  • Alert load up team of your arrival on the dock and request your pallet after telling them your name

  • Load your vehicle so that your last delivery task is loaded in your car first and so that it can be accessed last. If you are loading any deliveries into your TRUNK make sure they are the first tasks that you are assigned.

  • Ensure that you are checking that all the tasks in your OnFleet delivery queue are matched with a customer order on your pallet. ALERT load up if there are missing customer orders.

    • Alert*: Some customers will have multiple boxes for one task/ delivery. Please make sure you have both of those orders in your vehicle before leaving the warehouse. In the task details any item that contains “Harvest” is a customer order (e.g.: 1 Fruit Harvest Mini and 1 Mini Harvest is 2 boxes on the same order)


Starting the delivery process:

  • Slide to start the first task with OnFleet. (Make sure the task is the first one you are to complete and is assigned for the correct day. Example: “Complete today between 6:00 am and 12:00 pm”

  • Select the address “1234 street, example, state” of the first delivery and select “Directions”. This will take you to google maps so you can start navigation to your first task.

  • Drive to your first destination making sure that the house or apartment you arrive at matches up with the information in OnFleet

  • *Check for any delivery notes shown in OnFleet containing specific delivery instructions.*

    • It is very important to follow customer delivery instructions so that we do not incorrectly deliver their order (e.g.: “Please leave with concierge. Thanks!”)


  • Slide to complete the task in OnFleet.

  • **Get documentation** at every delivery by using the photo, signature, and/or completion notes sections in the task window on your phone screen after the task has been completed.

    • Signature: when delivering directly to the customer

    • Photo: when leaving the box at a customer’s residence (at their house door, apartment door, concierge)

    • Completion Notes: to add additional information about the delivery such as information we should know about their house or apartment that was not included in OnFleet for their task


  • *Failed Deliveries:*

    • If you cannot gain access to a customer’s residence, are not sure a safe place to leave their order, and cannot get in touch with the customer please CALL DISPATCH and leave a note about what happened for reference.