Unhealthy diet has surpassed smoking as the number one cause of death and disease in America. HarvestRX partners with medical professionals, hospitals and community care organizations to deliver fresh produce to those who need it most so they can get well, eat well and stay well.


Not only do participants report a $300 decrease in quarterly health care expenses, every delivery provides enough produce for 8 meals/week at an average cost of $2.13/meal. 



HarvestRX is a “prescription” for biweekly home deliveries of fresh fruits and vegetables that help encourage healthy eating, home cooking and a greater sense of independence. The program is free to participants through funding by the partnering wellness organization.  Each subscription is $70 for 8 weeks of biweekly deliveries, offering a minimum of 30% savings over other programs. The program is easily auto-renewed as needed to meet your client’s needs.





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