We’re celebrating International Women’s Day with some of our favorite stories from the past year, brought to us by powerful female voices in food. These are stories of women making real change in their own lives, in the lives of others and in the food system at large, all by creating an empowering relationship with food, nutrition and energy. We hope you’ll be as inspired by their stories as we are.


Farmer Spotlight: Blue Thumb Farms

It’s not every day that you meet two scientists with a passion for sustainable farming and supporting their local community, so when Blue Thumb Farms called us earlier this year - we instantly knew they were our kind of people.


The Power of Positive Food & Positive Thinking

A few essential tools and tips for embracing a positive mindset shift in your food and life choices.


Finding Balance in Your Veggies

Before embracing a healthy lifestyle, I had a bad relationship with food. Food was my comfort when I didn’t have another way of coping with the curveballs life can often throw our way. Years later, I discovered the benefits of a plant-based diet, and it changed my life.


The energy of doing things from the heart

Throughout the years, I realized that giving "my all" was not necessarily physical effort (hustling, going to bed late, long hours baking), but the good energy and cool vibes I transferred to whatever I was doing. I was determined to try to do everything from the heart. Not only did everything (even "chores") become more enjoyable, but the outcome was better! Like with cooking, everything turns out so yummy!