1. Hungry Harvest finds nutritious fruits and veggies that would otherwise eventually end up at the landfill. Why you ask? Well, take apples for example. Farmers and wholesalers would rather throw them away if they're (a) too big, (b) too small, (c) not perfectly round, or (d)  because supply > demand. That's the fate of 6 billion pounds of produce each year.

2. We hand-pick the quality produce into 3 balanced variety bags, tailored towards the average, hardworking consumer. 

3. You save between 10-20% off on your fruits and veggies compared to grocery stores and we deliver them to you for free every week. 

4. For every delivery you receive, we donate 1.2lbs to hungry individuals in need.


The Details

1. Sign up here, simply select your size, enter your address and payment information, and you're good to go!

2. Mid week, you will receive an email with the contents of this week's harvest.

3. Sunday morning, you will receive an email newsletter which contains helpful information on the produce as well as suggested recipes.

4. Sunday morning / afternoon, you will receive a text notification with the status of your delivery. You will be able to track your delivery and receive an ETA.

5. Your card will be charged automatically the day following your delivery.



The following Sunday, please help us recycle by leaving your Hungry Harvest canvas bags out for your delivery driver to collect.