Perfection is key to keeping everyone happy. And a little extra cash doesn't hurt either :)

  1. Arrive on time. 
  2. Start your first delivery task on time
  3. Follow every delivery instruction. If there is an issue or you have questions, call the dispatch team and the customers
  4. If there are no delivery instructions, ensure the customer’s address is correct and knock/ring doorbell (if it’s after 8:30 am). If no one answers, leave the harvest in front of the door
  5. Place all boxes INSIDE OF coolers if there is a cooler outside (picture below)
  6. Deliver each customer their correct harvest to the correct address
  7. Ensure that your phone is plugged into a car charger and does not lose power at any time during the route
  8. Pick up and take any used harvest boxes left outside
  9. You are required to show proof of the completion of every delivery. If no one answers, take a photo of the box in front of the door and upload it to the app  photo of box in front of door. If the customer answers, request they sign on the app. Include any extra notes when necessary
  10. A perfect route cannot include any delivery-related customer disappoints
  11. You are expected to finish your route accurately by the designated time