The produce box that helps you
fight waste & hunger.

(It keeps you healthy, too.)


Fresh produce delivered right to your door. With every box you...

- Stay healthy with convenient access to fruits and veggies
- Reduce food waste by at least 7 pounds per week
- Help feed hungry families with our unique Produce in a SNAP program
- Support farmers getting a fair wage for their yield 

How We Work

20 billion pounds of produce go to waste every year. 50 million Americans go hungry.
Watch how we use one problem to solve the other!


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Hungry Harvest is a produce delivery service on a mission to fight food waste and hunger in the U.S. We serve Baltimore, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and the surrounding areas such as Silver Spring, Frederick, Alexandria, and Bethesda. We pride ourselves on being fair, affordable, mission-driven, sustainable, and just plain awesome.

Our Harvest Heroes love that they can get fruits and vegetables delivered right to their home or office. You can order your desired fresh fruit or vegetable box online, and depending on your preferences, you can receive a weekly or bi-weekly harvest. 

Every delivery generates donations to our food access model, Produce in a SNAP.  We are building a community of care, and together making a direct impact on who eats today.  We hope you'll join us in fighting food waste, and ending hunger.