Dandelion greens are tasty, healthy, and a great source of vitamins A, vitamin C, and iron. They even have more calcium than spinach (which makes them a pretty great substitute for spinach)!

How to prepare: Just trim off the stems, chop them up into manageable bites. 

How to store them: put them in your crisper drawer or freeze 'em!


Our Pinterest page has some great ways to use them! 

Check out these 10 ways to use them from The Kitchn!

From Harvest Hero Jennifer, "Amazing Dandelion Pumpkin Seed Recipe here."

From Harvest Hero Jen, “I chopped them up and added them to the sauce for a fried green tomato lasagna!”

From Harvest Hero Amanda, “We made a frittata with caramelized onions, dandelion greens and goat cheese. It was killer!”

From Harvest Hero Nathalie, “Yes! We just made a broccoli, mushroom and dandelion greens frittata!”

From Harvest Hero Laura, “Sauteed ours with last week's collards, some olive oil, garlic and tossed with orange juice. Yum!”

From Harvest Hero A.L., “Leaves tossed with oil, salt, and pepper and used to top a pizza! Stalks simmered in a stock.”

From Harvest Hero Katie, “My rabbit is loving them! He loves dandelion but we don't have a good place to harvest where we live currently!”

Put 'em in a salad!

From a Harvest Hero Justus, "Treat them like a bitter green when preparing them. My mother sent us out into the yard as kids to get them!"

Put 'em in a stew!

From Harvest Hero Dennis, "Press them in a masticating juicer for fresh green dandelion juice. Options: dilute with sparkling water, add a bit of lemon juice, or sweeten with green apple juice. I prefer the juice undiluted and at room temperature, maybe with a pinch of cayenne. Yum!"

Sautee 'em with butter!

From Harvest Hero Brittni, “Mix them in with scrambled eggs, along with the onions in the same Harvest box, add some cheese and whatever seasonings get your mouth watering, and serve atop toast. Yum!”

From Harvest Hero Jackie, “You can put them in stews!”

From Harvest Hero Jen, “I had never had them so I pulled off some pieces raw to get an idea of how I wanted to use them. I found them much too bitter to eat raw but when cooked down in a sauce they were delicious!”

From Harvest Hero Nicole-May, "They're food for my bearded dragon." :(LOL(LOL

Make a smoothie!

Think about a recipe that uses another green (like spinach or even collard greens) and use dandelion greens as an interesting substitute!


Know any other awesome ways to enjoy Dandy Greens? Comment below!