Hi Harvest Heroes! We've been getting some amazing feedback on our persimmons. But we're also getting some important questions so we thought we'd share some juicy info :)

  1. Persimmons are an autumn treat. They're usually orange-colored and are sometimes mistaken for tomatoes.
  2. When you cut open our persimmons, you might see some white powder or film on the inside. Don't fret! It's not mold. The white powder is actually an indicator of ripeness - it's a sign that they're ready to eat! In fact, "the powder is actually a sugar bloom that naturally surfaces, coating the fruit with a delicious sweetness," says the CUESA.
  3. They're a great source of Vitamin A and fiber (more nutrition info here)
  4. You can eat 'em straight up as a snack, throw 'em in a salad, a salsa, or check out our Pinterest board for other delish recipes!
  5. Many heroes like Steffi treat their persimmons just like peaches or apricots. So if you have a bread or muffin recipe, for example, you'll feel right at home :)


Have any other tips, fun facts, or recipes? Put them in the comments below!