Hungry Parfait

Easy // 10mins // Serves 2

Good for breakfast, dessert, picnics & snacks.  Not too sweet, high in vitamins and fruit fiber and fun for the whole family to make and eat.  This is a great dish to get kids involved in culinary activities.  

Tools: Parfait glasses, mason jars or goblet

Harvest Ingredients:   2 medium apples, 6 strawberries, 10 grapes, 1 large navel orange

Other Ingredients:   2/3 cup favorite granola (try the add-ons), 12 oz (1 ½ cups) favorite yogurt, 1 ~ 2 tablespoons organic sweetened condensed milk or sweetened condensed coconut milk (optional), Optional garnishes:  Chia seed, hemp seed, fresh mint, citrus zest, raisins, etc. 


Step 1:   Minimal prep includes dicing the apples, quartering the strawberries and cutting the grapes in half.  Supreme the orange if you wish, or cut into wedges or juice and zest.  Set everything out and let family and folks build their own Hungry Parfait.  

Step 2:   I start with yogurt on the bottom.  I use two 6 oz containers for varied flavor.  Today we used blueberry and vanilla bean.  You can choose non-dairy or lactose-free yogurts as well.  I like to make sure the yogurt makes contact with the granola to soften it up a bit.  

 Step 3:  Layer in fresh fruit, mint, any optional garnishes and use a spoon to compress the parfait.  Layer in the sweetened condensed milk if using.  And put a dollop on the very top as well.  Festive and gorgeous, the fresh fruit and tangy yogurt flavors tantalize the tongue

Chef's Note:  This parfait is great right away, or build them in mason jars and chill overnight to take to work or picnics.