Quinoa Granola Crisp

Easy // 15 mins prep, 35 mins bake // 6 to 8 servings

For those who love to cook, the smell of a sweet crisp baking awakens the spirit.  For Hungry Harvesters new to the joys of culinary creations, expect a revelation.  Keep some add on granola in your pantry for when the fruits demand attention.


10” cast iron skille

Harvest Ingredients
1/2 pound black plums
1 pound apples
1 pound strawberries
1 medium grapefruit, juice & zest

Other Ingredients
3 tablespoons butter, or coconut oil
1 ½ cups favorite granola
1 teaspoon vanilla, optional
3 tablespoons quinoa flour, divided use, or AP flour
1 tablespoon brown sugar, or date molasses
¼ cup quinoa
¼ cup sugar or coconut nectar
pinch salt, optional
favorite ice cream


Step 1 Set the oven to 350.  Melt the butter in a 10 inch cast iron skillet or oven proof baking dish.  Add in the granola, 1 T brown sugar (I used date molasses), 1 T quinoa flour or AP flour and warm to combine.  Put the granola mix in a small bowl and mix in the vanilla if using.  Set aside. 



Step 2 In the same skillet add in the apples, juice & zest of the grapefruit & ¼ cup each of quinoa & brown sugar (I used coconut nectar), a pinch of optional sea salt & simmer over medium-high heat, until the apples are tender, about 5 to 7 mins.  I don’t peel my organic apples.

Step 3 Add the plums, sprinkle over 2 T quinoa flour or AP flour, stir over heat, then add the strawberries.  Stir well, then top with the granola mix.  Bake for 30 to 35 mins & serve with a nice scoop of your favorite ice cream or sorbet.

Chef's Note I’m a low sugar chef, so bump up the sweetness, a little, if your family has a sweet tooth.  But also, trust me, as you get used to lowering the sugar incrementally, you’ll find that the taste of the fruit comes through more.  And remember, you’ve got ice cream to sweeten the dish too.