Sparkling Fruit Compote

Easy // 10mins // Serves 8-12

So beautiful & so easy to make. It lasts in the fridge for several days & just keeps getting better. You won’t use the two full liters of soda right away, but I keep topping off the jar every time serve up the compote with lots of juicy goodness  

1 Large wide-mouthed glass jar

Harvest Ingredients
3 Red plums
2 Rome apples
3 Bartlett pears
1 lb green grapes 

Other Ingredients
1 or 2 liters favorite Italian sparkling sodas
Any other favorite fresh or dried fruits. (Today I used yellow mango, dried tart cherries, dried jujubes & strawberries) 
1 pint favorite ice cream Optional: honey, date or pomegranate molasses, sesame seeds

Step 1 Prep the fruit. Try cutting around the core as pictured. The first cut takes off half of the fruit. Work your way
around. Slice the plums in half and twist. Pull out the pit. If they cling, cut the pit in half again and use a sharp pairing knife to remove it. I cut some of the grapes in half, but leave most whole. 


Step 2 Use a large glass wide mouth jar & load in the fruit. It’s good to fill it nicely and even press down to mash the fruit a bit. Fill with your favorite Italian sparkling sodas. I used blood orange and white grapefruit. You can add herbs like mint or lemon balm too if you like. (I kept mine all fruit today.) Cover and chill for several hours 

Step 3 When it’s time to serve, do it w/ panache (a mix). Set everything out & let folks build their own. (I put fruit in the bottom of a fancy glass, add a scoop of ice cream, then more fruit, fresh sweet herbs, lots of fruit infused soda, then top w/ honey or pomegranate molasses & a sprinkle of sesame seeds). 
Serve with a spoon & be prepared for people wanting seconds!