Harvest Smoothie Jars

Easy // 20 mins // As Much As You Want

Making puréed fruit & vegetable drinks in mason jars is a great way create ready meals on the go for breakfast or to take to work for lunch or a mid-afternoon snack to revive your energy for the rest of the day. 

Favorite Harvest Fruits & Veggies.  Plenty of citrus too
Frozen Harvest Fruit & Veggie Cubes

Seeds, spices, nuts, brewed tea, protein powders, coconut water, coconut milk, kefir, yogurt, diary or plant based milks, etc

Step 1: I build my smoothies right in the jar.  I sort of go by color.  Get the kids involved w/ this too.  Remember that a bit of citrus in each smoothie creates that craveability we all love.  HARVEST HACKS:> If you have a back up of ripe fruits & veggies blend them up and freeze them in ice cube trays.  Add a few of those to each smoothie for added flavor & nutrition.

Step 2: Add in any healthful ingredients you’ve heard about and want to get more of in your diet.  This is a good place for those things we all see on Dr. Oz.  Today I used turmeric & ginger, dark blue algae, beet powder, hemp seeds & matcha green tea, spread out between three separate smoothies.  

Step 3: Blend up the smoothies one at a time for a different flavor in each jar.   Add about 3/4 cup of water, brewed tea, coconut water, plant based or dairy milks, etc.  Pour into jar, then use about 1/3 cup water on high speed to rinse out the jar.  Add that to the smoothie.  Chill well & shake when you’re ready to eat.  

Fun Fact (Optional): You’ll find your own fresh creations more tantalizing & much cheaper than juice bar offerings.  And using blended whole fruits and veggies retains all the nutritional fiber that keeps our gut healthy.  I like high protein versions for breakfast & lighter veggie & fruit juices for afternoons.