Harvest Taco Trio Mio

Easy // 25 mins // As Many As Y’all Want

You can make tacos every which way and loose from your Hungry Harvest Box.  We did three very different versions today.  One traditional, one Asian fusion in lettuce & seaweed wraps & a hearty flatbread version the kids will love.

Favorite Harvest Vegetables & Fruits

Extra Harvest Salads in Jars
Extra Sriracha Cashew Broccoli

Beans, salsa, cheese, seeds, nuts, proteins (sausage, chicken, fish & seafood, meats, carnitas, meatless meats, etc.), guacamole, cilantro, olives, scallions, raw onion, etc.




Step 1: Let’s start w/ a trad taco.  I used corn tortillas grilled over an open flame to crisp them up.  Then I added one of my pint salads making sure not to soggy it up w/ too much dressing, next simple white beans, chili flakes & Harvest radish & mango. HARVEST HACKS:> If you’re trying to learn to like a new fruit or vegetable, just add a slice or two of each, as I did w/ the radish & mango.  









Step 2: Asian fusion tacos are all veg.  On top of Harvest romaine leaves I layered on nori seaweed, then red kale & orange peppers marinated in a fresh squeeze of Harvest lemon juice, sesame seeds, soy sauce & toasted sesame oil.  Served w/ roasted chicken, fish or meatless meat as you wish.  Crisp & tasty!






Step 3: Flatbread tacos are good for the whole family & make a filling dinner meal.  I topped a flatbread w/ tomato slices, Mexi cheese blend, then Sriracha Cashew Broccoli from last week’s Harvest recipes.  Put it on a pizza pan in a 400 oven for about 7 mins, just to melt the cheese.  Arrange on a plate & garnish w/ yogurt, pepitas, beans & chopped fresh tomatoes (the end bits from my slices).  Fold up taco styl

Fun Fact (Optional): Everything tastes good in tacos.  And tacos are mostly veggies.  So this is a terrific platform for expanding our veggie preferences.  I like a mixture of cooked & raw veggies, hot and cold garnishes.