Harvest Nachos

Easy / 25 mins / By the Platter

Crispy tortilla chips are the base for a tantalizing mountain of nachos.  Load them up w/ as many veggies as you wish.  This is a good place to try some veggies you’re not too fond of quite yet (like mushrooms).  Everything is tasty on a chip.


  • Favorite Tortilla Chips
  • Favorite Harvest Vegetables
  • Harvest Beans
  • (Opt) Chorizo or Soyrizo
  • Favorite Grated Cheese Blend
  • (Opt) Avocado
  • (Opt) Favorite Salsa

I generally use two colors of chips, just for visual interest.  I used colorful sauteed peppers & some cooked mushrooms along w/ soyrizo & white beans and of course cheese.  Set the oven to 350 and layer your nachos on an oven proof dish.

I put a light layer of cheese on the tortillas first, then vegetables, more cheese, more vegetables & then the chorizo bean mix on the top.  Remember chorizo is salty. 

Top w/ a light sprinkle of cheese for effect & pop into the oven for about 15 mins, just to warm the nachos & melt the cheese to a light golden brown.  I served mine on a table loaded w/ Hungry Harvest Mexican Fiesta fare.  They shared garnishes of avocado & cukes & sea salt radish slices. 


Invite friends over for this summertime feast.  Lay it all out on a Mexican blanket.  Add some warm tortillas & all these glorious dishes can share all the garnishes.  Maybe make some Harvest sangria from our recipe page & celebrate the longest days of the year!  ¡Que Viva Verduras!