Easy // 15 to 35 mins // As Much As You’d Like

We started w/ our Harvest Cheesy Spread & let our imaginations soar.  Stuff your entire harvest this week (and any produce still in the fridge or on the counter from last week too!)



  • Favorite Harvest Vegetables
  • I used sweet & chili peppers, zucchini strips, Campari tomatoes, yams, green beans, greens, apricots, avocado & black plums)
  • Harvest Cheesy Spread
  • Optional Additions
  • Seeds, nuts, herbs, hot sauces
  • Rice, grains, beans
  • Tortillas, flour & corn

STUFFED TOMATOES:  Scoop out the guts of some firm tomatoes.  HARVEST HACK:> the juice & seeds add flavor to smoothies, gazpacho or Harvest broth.  I stuffed mine straight up w/ Harvest Cheesy Spread & garnished w/ basil. 

STUFFED TORTILLA WRAP:  Warm your favorite tortillas over a flame to soften, spoon on fillings.  I used Cheesy Spread, avocado, poblano pepper & poppy seeds.  Don’t over stuff.  Roll up, and chill before slicing w/ a serrated knife. 




STUFFED COLORFUL PEPPERS:  Heat favorite peppers in a covered skillet w/ a splash of water, or 375 oven, or microwave until tender.  Doesn’t take long.  Cool, slice open, scoop out seeds.  Harvest Hack: A grapefruit spoon works great.  I stuffed mine w/ a mix of Cheesy Spread, yam & green bean brown rice & pepitas.  Warm in broiler for 5 to 8 mins and serve w/ your favorite salsa. 

Once ya get stuffin’ you’ll run out of your Harvest bounty in no time.  This is a great product for young foodies since the work is done w/ cool products & knives are not required.  Share what you stuffed all over Hungry Harvest social media. 





BONUS: STUFFED ZUCCHINI ROLLS: Simmer or microwave thin cut zuke slices brushed w/ favorite salad dressing until just tender.  Slather w/ Harvest Cheesy Spread & dot w/ veggies & beans.  I used green beans, wilted greens & garbanzos.  Sprinkle w/ sesame seeds, roll up & chill to set.  Serve well chilled.