Easy // 30 mins // 4 Quart

Everyone loves the fermented chili garlic flavor of Sriracha.  Cook this tasty veggie dish up in no time & enjoy it in all sorts of ways.  So good with noodles, eggs, everything really.  If you don’t like it HOT, sub 1/2 cup favorite BBQ sauce.

Deep Skillet or Wok

Harvest Ingredients
1 1/2 Pounds Broccoli, florets & peeled diced stems
2 Pounds Cauliflower, florets
1/4 Pound Kale, 3-4 leaves, chiffonade
(Opt) Suntan Peppers, thin slice

Other Ingredients
1/2 Cup Whole Garlic Cloves
1 Cup Cashews
1/3 Cup EVOO
1/2 Tsp Black Pepper
1 Tsp Salt
1/3 Cup Sherry or Broth or Water
1 1/2 Cups Water
1 Tsp – 1 Tbs Sriracha

Step 1: Prep out the veggies.  This stir-fry comes together fast, so it’s best to be ready to roll once the fire is lit.  Heat the evoo with garlic cloves, cashews, broccoli stems & black pepper over med high heat until garlic & cashews are slightly golden, about 4 mins. 

Step 2: Add cauliflower, salt & sherry, turn heat up to high, cover the pan & cook for about 5 mins longer, until the cauliflower is mostly tender. 

Step 3: Add kale, broccoli florets, peppers, water & sriracha or BBQ sauce.  Cover & cook for 8 to 12 mins or until as tender as your family enjoys.  I under cook it when I make it the first time, knowing that I will reheat it for many uses.  Serve w/ a garnish of more Sriracha & a citrus wedge. 

Fun Fact: Omelettes, ramen, fried rice, roasted chicken, wild caught everything, tostadas, nachos, penne, chicken soup.  This dish had crave-ability.  It keeps well in the fridge all week.  Freeze it if you’d like, then puree it for a tasty Sriracha soup.  Garnish w/ diced tomato & avocado as desired.