Easy // 15 mins // Serves 4 to 6

We’ve vitalized this summer classic with raw kale & fresh orange.  Our Harvest version is simple & easy.  Spot on flavor, pantry ingredients.  Embellish with fruit, veggies, fresh & dried herbs, seeds & nuts, Dijon, hot sauce as you wish.

No Special Tools Required
Salad Bowl

Harvest Ingredients
1 Red Onion, pie slice
1 Cucumber, peeled, seeded, sliced
1-2 Tomatoes, pie slice
1-2 Kale Leaves, julienne
1 Navel Orange, juice & zest


Other Ingredients
3 Tbs EVOO
2 Tbs Favorite Vinegar, cider, red wine, champagne, sherry, etc
1 Tsp Sea Salt
1/2 Tsp Black Pepper
1-2 Tbs Honey, or agave, sugar, favorite sweetener
(Optional) 1 Clove Garlic, minced or sliced
(Optional) 1/2 Tsp Favorite Hot Sauce
(Optional) 1-2 Tbs Fresh Herbs

Step 1: Prep out the vegetables.  I love the pie slice for both the onions & tomatoes.  Great texture, mouth feel & presentation.  But cut them as you enjoy.  Use onions, cucumbers, tomatoes & any other summer picnic vegetables y’all favor.

Step 2: In the bowl you’ll serve the salad, combine the dressing ingredients.  A little bit of sweetness really sings the flavors of summer.  I love the orange juice & zest combined with a whisper of honey. 


Step 3: This salad comes together in minutes.  Toss and let sit for a bit to allow the juices to flow and macerate.  Serve with fresh herb garnishes if you’d like. 

Fun Fact: This salad is a superb picnic side, but also works as a topping for dogs & along side everything from the BBQ.  Have we talked grilled wild caught salmon?  Oh yeah!