Easy // 20 mins // 1 1/2+ Quarts

This salad is soo good, so versatile & so quick to whip up.  And the secret ingredient is legit culinary creativity.  Your favorite soda permeates the fruit adding tons of flavor. 

  • About 1 1/2 Quarts Ripe Summer Fruits (I used mangoes, Clementine, lemons, blueberries & pears, grapefruit, apples & plums)
  • 1 Bottle Quality Soda, 12 oz bottle
  • (Opt) Pinch Gourmet Sea Salt, Himalayan, Fleur de Sel, Hawaiian, etc.

Prep out your favorite fruits, making sure to add plenty of citrus for zing. Cut them into large bite sized pieces.  HarvestHack: Make a double batch ahead and keep it in the fridge w/ healthy ice cream for after school snacks

Load the fruit directly into a serving bowl or better yet a glass jar.  Layer the fruit so that there’s some of each in every spoonful. 

Pour the soda over & chill until ready to serve.  It only gets better in the fridge.  The flavors of the soda infiltrate each type of fruit in a different way.  Sprinkle w/ a little coarse sea salt if serving at the dinner table.  This makes for superb salads in jars for work, school, camp or picnics.  And blend up some for a refreshing soda fruit smoothie

I used a soda w/ no added refined sugars & no artificial colors.  It was colored w/ black currant & black carrot juices.  The Sparkling Cherry Lime flavor soared.  It would be great with ginger sodas, cream soda, all citrus soda, berry sodas, pomegranate, root beer & more.  Share yours on HH social media.