Harvest Spice Blend Hacks

If you want to keep it simple and get meals out quick, stock your spice rack w/ seed & spice blends! Here's some awesome, easy ways to use them up!

How to use up spice blends: Transform simple stirfry & stew into fragrant dishes w/ spice blends like curry, garam masala & Chinese 5 spice mixes.  Spices are fat soluble so warm them in oil, butter or coconut milk to release their potency.

How to use up seed blends: There are a TON of ways to use pickling spices (ex. cumin, fennel, anise, sesame, poppy, flax, quinoa, coriander, etc.).  Use them in sautés and or as rubs, either whole or ground in the coffee grinder.  Or make your own seed blend.  Just go through your spice cabinet and combine all the seeds together in one jar!