Euro Style Fruit & Cheese Plate

Very Easy // 10 mins // As You Wish

Fresh pears & other fruits & cheeses make for a lovely European style presentation.  Serve this as an appetizer, salad course, or after the main course as they do in Europe. 

  • Favorite Harvest Fruits (I used pears, plums, cucumbers, tomatoes & orange)
  • Favorite Cheeses (I used sheep milk feta & Parmesan)
  • Balsamic Vinegar
  • Honey
  • Fresh Herbs

Select any fruits you wish.  If they are a tad under ripe, so much the better. 

Cut the fruit into bite sized pieces and arrange on plates attractively.  Add bite sized wedges of your favorite cheeses. 

Drizzle w/ balsamic vinegar & honey.  I mixed equal parts together in a cordial glass for ease.  Sprinkle w/ fresh herbs if desired.  It’s fun to eat fruit w/ a knife and fork!

Any left overs make for a great full fruit salad in jars for work.  Balsamic pears particularly well w/ pears.  Embellish your plates with any thing your tribe enjoys. 



Nuts, dried or pickled fruits, jams & preserves.  Take time to sit, eat and talk over this dish.  Dining is community shared over your Hungry Harvest.