Easy // 15 mins prep // Open


Flavored sea salts add dynamic taste & elegance with the greatest of ease.  Use up the zest from your Harvest citrus and keep your eyes out for fun sea salts. Most stores have a wide selection these days. 

  • 1 Part Citrus Zest
  • 2-3 Parts Sea Salt

Stir the zest into the sea salt in a shallow bowl or baking dish and spread the mixture out into a thin layer.  Use ceramic or glass as metal can leave an aftertaste. 


Put in a sunny warm location with good air circulation for a couple of days.  The salt will cure the zest, removing all of its moisture.  Stir daily and spread out again.  When it’s nice and dry (2-3 days), pack into jars & wee baggies as gifts. 


Juice the citrus for another recipe such as this week’s Fruit Flash Pickle, or freeze the juice in ice cube trays.  Use the spent rinds to make a batch of Citrus Cleaner






By the way, I used Himalayan, Bolivian & Hawaiian pink salts, Hawaiian black sea salt & Sicilian white sea salt.  My citrus mix included oranges, tangerines, grapefruits & limes.