Here's some great ways to use up your peppers! We've compiled some recommendations from our heroes and threw in some other bonus resources!

Reuben: I decided to dehydrate the peppers with garlic and made a great mix for just about anything. Last night I used it for a shrimp boil.

Jennifer: Freeze 'em! Link here

Marie: Mexican quinoa black bean and corn stuffed peppers

Beth: Grilled then throw them in everything with other roasted/grilled veggies - eggs, farro, brown rice, quinoa

Lori: Sautée whole Shishito peppers in a little oil, on high, until browned and softened, toss with salt and eat!

Marie: This Ginger Beef recipe is a homemade version of a much-loved Alberta, Canada Chinese food dish (so, not Chinese at all). It uses bell peppers, link here

Jennifer: I use them a lot in tacos, fajitas, burritos, taco salad, etc. Also, fried rice.

Bridget: Meatloaf, stuff them, eggs in pepper rings, just about everything!

Chef Mark: Mac N Cheese Stuffed Peppers! One of our most popular recipes ever.

Jennifer: I made this with cubano peppers. I subbed vegan ground beef crumbles and vegan parmesan cheese and it was really yummy. I think it would work with any sweet pepper. I served it with roasted cabbage steaks on the side.

Gayle: I dry hot peppers, grind them and make a salt and pepper mixture that I use on everything. Delicious.

Sarah:  I usually dehydrate my poblanos, grind up and use as a powder. It makes a great addition to burgers as a seasoning and in a smoky mayonnaise sauce too!

Pickle them! You can modify this popular recipe by Bridget if you'd like, or use and modify this one!

Stuff 'em! Link here

Make a ketchup! Link here 

Make a stew! Link here

Beth: Use the peppers to make sausage and pepper sammies with Polack Johnnie's sausages