The Best Recipes, Tips, Tricks, Techniques for Produce Deliveries

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We asked our Recipe Club what tips, tricks, techniques, and recipes are necessary to get the most out of their fruit and vegetable deliveries...and here's what we all came up with! Enjoy!

Know the basics.

If you learn the basics of storing (fridge or pantry? which drawer in the fridge?), sautéing, stir-frying, and/or pan frying basic veggie can make sure your produce is fresh and whip up a quick meal anytime! 

Plan your week and pre-prep.

This is a popular one. Grab a planner (or a sheet of paper) and write down the dishes you'd like to make for lunch and dinner (and if you're a pro: breakfast) based on the weekly email outlining the contents of your upcoming box.

Then, check your fridge and pantry. If you're missing one or two ingredients for something you want to make, buy them before delivery day. That way you'll be ready to go as soon as your box arrives.

Chop (and freeze) veggies you'll use ahead of time to make sautéing, stir frying, etc. easier and more convenient after an exhausting day. Roast the veggies you can't fit into a recipe - that way you always have a side dish!

Roast those veggies.

Use this great resource to find general roasting times for various items, like roots, squash, thin veggies, and onions. Roasting lots of veggies that can then be used in pasta sauce, soups, lasagne, stir fry, etc the rest of the week.

Stay openminded.

Keep an open mind (and stomach!) and always be willing to try new things. Stay hungry, stay curious.

Be adventurous.

Use your imagination in putting together unusual ingredient combinations. Know how to make zucchini muffins? Try making squash muffins, or sweet potato muffins, or lychee muffins! Love chocolate chip cookies? Add some pumpkin inside 'em!

Don't give up.

There are amazing resources like our Facebook Recipe Club, where you can post questions and comment on others recipes and ideas! You can also use recipe generators like Kitchen Stories and All Recipes. And if you're backed up on produce, use this resource!

Put your own touch on a dish you love.

Love eating chips? Instead of buying store-bought potato chips, try something different. Slice up zucchini, beets, sweet potatoes and carrots. Toss the slices with olive oil, salt, pepper, and whatever other spices sound yummy in the moment. Lay them down flat on a tinfoil line baking sheet and slowly bake them in the oven at about 250 degrees. Every so often, check on them and flip them over. It'll take a while, but it'll be worth it. Other recipes have higher heat and shorter bake times, but those will often lead to burnt veggies.

Share them with your neighbors, relatives, or coworkers.

Solidify your spot as the nicest, most talented cook ever by sharing your fresh produce or dishes with others. Food is a great conversation starter and it's an even better heart-warmer.

Find your favorite "kitchen-cleaner" breakfast recipes. 

Make a large egg casserole with chicken (or tofu) and veggies.

To make freezer burritos, whip up a large batch of burritos with egg and veggies and individually wrap them in tinfoil. When you're ready to eat one, take the foil off, wrap it in damp paper towels and microwave it for 3 minutes. Crisp the tortilla in a skillet.

Find your favorite "kitchen-cleaner" lunch & dinner recipes. 

Make quiche, soup, fried rice, chili, burrito bowls. Here's an amazing soup guide.

Beginner: Make a salsa or a dressing.

Learn the technique and you can apply it to lots of fruit and veggies! 

Intermediate: Make a sauce.

Try making a pasta sauce if you have tomatoes and an applesauce with apples.

Advanced: Make your own marinade, sauces, chutneys, jams, and jellies.

This is a favorite amongst our most passionate Heroes.

Re-imagine scraps. 

Don't call 'em scraps! Call 'em "sparcs!" (that's scraps spelled backward). Use them in fun and creative ways. Don't throw away your kitchen sparcs! Save them in a bag or container in your freezer, then toss all of them into a pot to make broth or a stock! And if any produce is pushing past its prime, check this out.

Caramelize onions. 

Because onions. And because everything can use more caramelized onions.

Make smoothies.

Like, all the time. Put all your extra fruit in the blender and make smoothies. Also, toss a bit of more mildly flavored veggies (spinach, peeled cucumber, carrots) into a smoothie boosts nutrients without altering the flavor too much.

Zest your life.

Zest all of my oranges. If you're a lunch-at-your-desk, dinner-at-your-laptop kind of eater, cut them into wedges and freeze 'em. They're great for fancying up water and for cooking fish.

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