Fight food waste & hunger, treat your body right and save money while you're at it. Sounds like a sweet, nutritious deal to us! Here's what you save on average.

Mini Harvest:
Peapod: $21.78
Our Price: $15
Your Savings: $6.78

Full Harvest:
Peapod: $36.63
Our Price: $25
Your Savings: $11.63

Super Harvest:
Peapod: $50.95
Our Price: $35
Your Savings: $15.95

Mini Organic Harvest:
Peapod: $35.21
Our Price: $30
Your Savings: $5.21

Full Organic Harvest:
Peapod: $49.93
Our Price: $45
Your Savings: $4.93

Super Organic Harvest:
Peapod: $65.67
Our Price: $55
Your Savings: $10.67

Mini Fruit Harvest:
Peapod: $28.88
Our Price: $25
Your Savings: $3.88

Full Fruit Harvest:
Peapod: $45.05
Our Price: $35
Your Savings: $10.05

Office Harvest:
Peapod: $46.30
Our Price: $30
Your Savings: $16.30

Mini Veggie Harvest:
Peapod: $28.47
Our Price: $20
Your Savings: $8.47

Full Veggie Harvest:
Peapod: $48.44
Our Price: $30
Your Savings: $18.44

source: Instacart, Peapod

New here? Welcome!

Hungry Harvest is a produce delivery service on a mission to fight food waste and hunger in the U.S. We serve Baltimore, D.C., Philadelphia, and the surrounding areas such as Silver Spring, Alexandria, and Bethesda. Our service comprises of fresh fruit deliveries, vegetable deliveries, mixed fruit and vegetable deliveries, and organic produce deliveries. We pride ourselves on being fair, affordable, mission-driven, sustainable, and just plain awesome.

Our Harvest Heroes love that they can get fruits and vegetables delivered right to their home or office between Friday and Mondays. You can order your desired fresh fruit or vegetable box online, and depending on your preferences, you can receive a weekly food delivery or a bi-weekly food delivery. Because you receive a box of fruits and vegetables, you might think of us as a "delivery CSA." Shopping for fruits and vegetables online should be easy so feel free browse around our website and ask us any questions in the meantime.

Whether you heard about us from our feature on Shark Tank, from a friend who uses us, or a news article about ugly produce, we'd love for you to join our family.